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Occurred : 7/7/2012 23:30 (Entered as : 07/07/2012 23:30)
Reported: 7/8/2012 1:54:28 PM 13:54
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Manzanita, OR
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:15 minutes
A rectangle object crossed the sky in 30 seconds followed by an orange light hovering for about 5 minutes.

A huge rectangle blocked out a large section of the stars in the sky on a clear night. It was moving very fast and was extremely high in the sky. We estimate it was at least 50 miles by 70 miles in size and moving several thousand miles an hour. It traveled from the south east to northwest and when it got over the ocean, Manzanita is on the coast, it turned and went directly west until it disappeared. This lasted about 30 seconds.

A few moments later we observed an orange light out over the ocean, very high up, far to the south. It traveled slowly towards the east, then halted and remained stationary, after awhile it moved to the north very quickly. At the distance, we estimated at least 100 miles away from us, the light had to be going from stationary to at least 2,000 miles an hour in quick bursts. This lasted about 5 minutes.