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Occurred : 7/10/2012 00:00 (Entered as : 07/10/12 0:00)
Reported: 7/12/2012 12:27:15 PM 12:27
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Spring Grove, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:5-7 seconds
Bright light over South East Minnesota.

From about 23:30 to about 1:30 on 7/9/12- 7/10/12, I witnessed a UFO. The first sighting was around 23:30. While stargazing, I saw a bright light. At first I thought it was Venus. I then realized that it was far too bright to be planet Venus. As I studied it more closely, the craft got brighter and it accelerated from the northern sky towards the southern sky.

The second sighting took place around 0:15. I was toying with my CB radio in my car. For some reason, my radio could get outstanding reception. I could listen to people as faraway as South Carolina and Oklahoma. My car was facing west this time. I saw the same craft. As I studied it, the craft accelerated from the South Western sky to the Western sky. I could only see it for 5-7 seconds. The craft got brighter and it accelerated getting dimmer until I could only see its green lights.

I could barely see the green lights. The green lights only lasted for a few seconds. There were five clusters of lights. Each cluster had two lights. There were four on the outside of the craft and one cluster in the center of the craft.

The last sighting took place around 1:00. It was the same event, a bright light gaining in intensity and then loosing its brightness as it was accelerating. This was on the southern horizon. I could not see any of the green lights that I saw before. The third was too far on the horizon to witness what was happening beneath of it.

The times that I have listed in this report may be off. The clock in my car was not working correctly and I did not think to check my phone. My sightings took place in far South and East Minnesota. I plan to write to my local newspaper. I do not know if anyone else saw this event.