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Occurred : 7/20/2012 23:45 (Entered as : 07/20/12 23:45)
Reported: 7/21/2012 11:18:22 AM 11:18
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Princeton, IN
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 minutes
45 mins, moving in many directions, red/blue lights

Southern Indiana 7/20/12 11:45pmcst

A friend and I were sitting on the swing in back yard visiting when we noticed what appeared be a bright star moving in the sky. It moved up and down, left and right. It seemed to be slowly moving to the west yet it would have frequent movements to the east and would linger. It seemed to stay in one "square" area of the sky for maybe 10-15 mins moving only every few mins. Its movements weren't just straight up/down, left/right... at times it would move in a circle, going upwards to start the circle like a clock. Other times the movements were jerky and it would just jerk quickly one way.

It also had lights. You had to sit real still to see the lights, it appeared to be red and blue moving really fast so the colors blurred. It appeared the lights were on the bottom but couldn't see it clearly enough. As I stated before it appeared to just be a very large and bright star. The colors only happened in beginning, a few occurances later but spaced out much longer apart.

Someone asked me how high it was. I know that a plane came towards it and it lowered quite a bit and the plane went over it. There were a lot of planes that night that headed that way. Some flew near it, some changed their paths, not sure if it was coincedence or on purpose. There was one really low plane that seemed big enough to be commercial but flying lower than I ever seen commercial fly unless you were by an airport. At one time we heard a loud jet, significantly loud yet couldn't see it with the trees. Never seen it near the thing we were looking at. It seemed to be a busy night, a lot more planes than normal and odd flight patterns but that may just be a coincedence.

It lasted for sure 45 mins then when I came back out 1/2 hr later it was gone. I tried to record it on my Iphone and even took pictures but all that I got was darkness. In one still shot where I'm positive I was taking a pic of it, the pic has this swirly thing in it so I'm assuming the pic took late while I was moving? My Iphone camera messed up? I would of seen swirly thing so I have no clue what happened there.

I think the most interesting part was that it just seemed like a bright large star but it would just jut back and forth moving every few minutes that it was one of those things you just don't believe your eyes. Then the colors would appear and your thinking to yourself this just can not be happening. Logic takes over, and as an educated person I applied every probable cause I was taught in school to every creative idea I had and nothing made sense. I live in town and because of all the trees the 45 mins I viewed it was when it was visible between 2 trees so after that it moved west and I'm not sure if it left for good or just left my view.

I would really like to know what it was. It moved in a circle at times for goodness sake... it was just so weird.