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Occurred : 7/18/2012 21:20 (Entered as : 07/18/12 21:20)
Reported: 7/22/2012 6:17:14 AM 06:17
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Shawano, WI
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4-5 minutes
Two huge bright pulsating lights traveling slowly at low altitude from East to West silently in a low ambiant noise area.

At about 9:20 PM Central Daylight Time July 18, 2012, I was sitting with my dogs in my driveway enjoying a fire I had built in a metal fire pit. This location is about 300 feet from the north shore of Shawano Lake, WI, of which I have a basically an unrestricted due south view except for a few trees.

Suddenly to my left or east I saw what I initially considered to be a large fireworks rocket being launched from an area east of me. I immediately noticed that it did not explode and the trajectory was not like a fireworks rocket.

Gaining my interest immediately, I advanced about 100 feet toward the lake to get a better view. As I was advancing it appeared more to be a fireball with pulsating red, yellow and orange lights. It was quite close relatively speaking and I quickly dismissed the fireball description and thought maybe it was a small plane on fire trying to make it to the local airport on the opposite side of the lake about 2 miles away. The lighted object made no sound in a virtually silent area geographically and at this point, I realized that this was nothing I could logically identify and realized that this may in fact be a UFO.

Then a second one showed up on the same trajectory about 2 miles behind the first one. I turned and ran to the front door of my house and yelled to my wife to hurry and come outside and look at these strange lights. She had the presence of mind to grab a small Canon Power Shot SD 600 camera and began shooting video as we advanced toward the lake shore. I/we observed these lights travel in a straight line a total distance of about 6 miles before entering some scattered clouds preceding some later light rain. I could clearly see these clouds against the remaining glow of the sky from the twilight in the West. The scattered clouds appeared to be about 4000 feet AGL.

It appeared as though these craft were traveling 150-200 MPH and clearly climbed into the clouds about 3-4 miles to the west of our position. The scattered cloud cover was advancing from the Northwest and preceding a light rain which started about an hour later. These low clouds were above the UFOs and the local surface wind and scattered clouds were blowing lightly from the Northwest. The low cloud layer moved in the opposite relative direction of the movement of the UFOs. The size of these craft from our vantage point appeared to be about the size of a quarter held at arm’s length.

Our observation and video ended when they entered the clouds.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness and found him to be exceptionally eloquent and objective in describing the sighting that he and his wife had had. We suspect that both witnesses are exceptionally capable. PD))