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Occurred : 7/23/2012 22:41 (Entered as : 07/23/12 22:41)
Reported: 7/24/2012 3:53:22 PM 15:53
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Lakeside, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:33 seconds
UFO travelled much faster covering greater distance across sky than conventional crafts in area.

While on security guard patrol inside fenced-in locked industrial compound,sitting in private vehicle facing South, noticed aerial light to my left moving from East to West. Exited vehicle and saw object travelling higher than conventional crafts in area, and moving faster. Noticed object covered distance much faster across sky than the civilian and military craft seen nightly in area. Light came almost to where I was parked, then suddenly made hairpin U-turn back into the direction from which it came. Noticed object maintain same speed during turn and not any slow, laborious wider turns I've seen displayed by military fighter jets at various times and areas in recent and distant past. I served four tours on aircraft carrier and witnessed numerous flight-ops both on land and at sea during normal operations and air shows, but never saw any conventional craft move along in this fashion and as easily and as fast as the lighted object last night. Also became aware that object displayed no blinking lights always displayed by other conventional craft. Sometimes cannot see blinking lights on our crafts until looking very attentively. I watched this thing carefully but saw none. Compared conventional crafts high in the sky with the object,and they moved quite slow in comparison. I realize UFOs can change directions without turning, perhaps like a zigzag fashion, however, the one I saw appeared to make sharp, quick turn; like a U-turn. The sky was clear and starry. The weather a bit cool. Last lighted UFO I saw was on warm Labor Day in 1995 at about twilight travelling North to South over Santee, CA just south of Lakeside. Santee object seemed to have blinked out as compared to object seen last night which simply sped away. Personal background: U.S. Navy from 1971-1991. Into UFOs since age 16 in 1997 while attending high school. Graduated 1968.