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Occurred : 7/23/2012 01:00 (Entered as : 07/23/2012 1:00)
Reported: 7/26/2012 7:39:26 AM 07:39
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Springfield, MA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:30 minutes
FOr the past month on a daily basis I have seen what appear to be stars coasting across the night sky. The height or level of flight appears to be well over what commercial and fighter planes fly. My guess is whenever I see them they are well into 100,000 plus feet into what I would consider outer space, the level of the stars! My first sighting was in P.R. while on vacation ( spinning wheel like fire approached where I was staying and then made a fast 90 degree turn and thrusted away extremely fast) that was Nov. 2011. Between late June 2012 through 7-24-12 I have seen many things in the sky on a nightly basis which I firmly believe with witnesses to be UFO's meaning objects that I cannot identify. I have over 8 other eywitnesses who have seen them with me and without me being present. What I seen between 7-4 through 7-24-12 are starlike objects, silent while traveling and at times pulse activity with the object. On 7-24-12 after leaving a store I pointed! out to my friend in Springfield, Ma North of an area near a town called Ludlow, Ma, a long shaped cigar shape with lights all across. The object floated silently, dropped and then disappeared. That same evening which was 12:30 a.m. I drove home quickly in an attempt to find the object but it was gone. Then I decided to star gaze as I been doing for the past month. I invited another friend over my home who had a close encounter on 7-4-12 of orange spheres with over 15 people as witneses. He now is more interested in the night sky since his experience. He seen a bright starlike light with me that hovered for over two hours changing colors from white, green, blue, orange. It then switched positions to another location in the sky. During my observing the bright starlike object changing color I seen high in the sky a light coasting across the night sky extremely high with pulsing light. A second one appeared doing the samething heading east as the other was heading west. This h! as been a regular occurance EVERY NIGHT there is a clear sky. My wife seen this and dismissed it as a hig plane. However after her 4th sighting she says she thinks its something different.