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Occurred : 7/18/2012 14:00 (Entered as : 07/18/12 14:00)
Reported: 7/26/2012 5:52:54 PM 17:52
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Hartselle, AL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 minutes
Orange fireball seen in the middle of the afernoon in Morgan County, Alabama.

One afternoon of this week I was sitting on my dad’s front porch out in the country when I saw a round orange ball of light travel across the sky high in the air.

I called my dad to come out and look at it. It was gone by the time he came out. I wish I could have got the camera and made a picture but I didn’t have time.”

This story was told to me by my granddaughter’s 12 year old girl friend on the evening of July 19, 2012, around 9:00 P.M:

"The three of us, me, my granddaughter, and her friend were outside sitting at a patio table watching the stars following my granddaughter’s birthday party. All the other children were gone. I was very much interested as my own grandmother told everyone in our family the story of she and her sister around August of 1904 seeing an orange ball of light in an area a few miles distance from this sighting.."

She and my granddaughter asked me if I knew what it was and I responded it was probably a meteorite to calm th! eir fears.

Preceding this question my granddaughter said she was afraid of space things and her friend said she was a little afraid too. I cannot give this child’s name and her custody situation makes it impossible for me to get permission to do so. If you cannot publish this under the circumstances I understand. In the light of the recent orange fireball phenomenon I decided to report it. I do believe this girl’s story. She had no reason to fabricate it.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))