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Occurred : 7/28/2012 04:30 (Entered as : 07/28/12 04:30)
Reported: 7/28/2012 5:31:23 PM 17:31
Posted: 8/5/2012
Location: Dade City, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 hours
2 stars moving in the sky & more

I saw 2 stars moving high and deep (not so deep but deep) in the sky, the movement were more like in a vertical direction than horizontal (much more vertical, but not totally vertical) Both stars were moving like one of them wanted to take position where the other one was (Like they were switching positions) But it never looks like they were about to crash or something like that, it looked more like they were switching area or territorial position more than a perfect taking position one over the other.

One of them positioned in the place where the other one was (like i said territorial position not the exact position) The other one that looks it was about to do the same, it didn't (Both stars were moving at the same time, this part of the event had a duration of 3-4 seconds) Once one of the stars took the territorial position over the other one, stops moving. The other one took territorial position of the other one almost at the same time (Or at the same time, hard to say) didn't stop moving, this one kept moving and position it self at the other side of the sky (Like if i am with my arms opened this second star moved from one of my hands to my other one over my head, keeping the proportions and it wasn't exactly a 180 degrees move, thats the best way i can explain it) This star moved extra 9-10 seconds after the other one stops, so in total it moved around 12-14 seconds) I have to say, that the apparent switch it was more like a discovering surprise, when the other star m! oved like that i really freaked out.

So, this event took like 12-14 seconds. After that both stars stopped moving, i took some seconds (less than a minute probably) to see where these stars where located then look for another witness and also my camera. I told my friend what i saw, and he told me "i believe you and i don't want to go outside" so i took the key of my car and looked for my camera that i had inside my car) Then came back to the place i saw the events (All of this probably took me like 90 seconds) I came back, and this is what freaked me out some more: While looking for the stars in the places i saw them stop from moving when i left, i found them real easy because that was the moment i realized they were not regular stars. They were changing colors from blue to red (being blue the predominant color, sometimes when turning from blue to red i could observe like a regular white bright light, but i didn't observe this every time so i don't know if that is an optical illusion or my eyes were tired at some point) The object that moved for only 3-4 seconds were in the same location when i came back with my camera, but the other one didn't. I looked around and i didn't see it, but i saw this really bright star almost in the same location so i guess it was the same star (I am talking about stars because i don't know, i am trying to give myself my own explanations) This star wasn't turning colors, it was just a bright star (The most brightest in the sky that night, so bright that my camera got it) I don't check the video i took in the computer yet, but this bright star was able to appear in the film i took, not the rest of the stars or moving stars my camera was not able to capture them due to the dark and distance (I mean at that time, i think i have video recording of the star that actually change colors in the morning, but let me finish the story) It was under my perspective at the moment that the brighter star was the star i saw moving from 12-14 seconds. So, i kept focus in that star and the other one (They were in different extreme of my view of the sky, so i couldn't watch both at the same time) The other star was still there, not moving but turning from blue to red... Then after about 40 minutes i started to realized that the brighter star in the sky was still the brightest in the sky but not like before so, i started looking in all around the sky, every place, every spot. After 20 minutes i can say with property that they were 5 stars not moving but turning from blue to red. Also (Because i discovered the event around 4.30am) After the sky was a little less dark due to the rise of sun, i could detect that the star that i saw moving for 3-4 seconds was farer than i thought in the first place, and also that this star couldn't stay easily in the same place, it was like moving (A really hard to detect move) up and ! down, i couldn't appreciate that in the really dark sky, or maybe at that point my eyes were tired, or it was an optical illusion due to some more light in the sky (I don't know) Then in the morning, i was able to film the object that moved from 12-14 seconds, i still don't see it in my computer but i was able to see it in the screen of my camera when filming. Also you only will see a point in the sky so i don't expect to somebody to take that as evidence.

Another important thing, during the 2 hours i was there (From about 4.30am and 6.30am) I saw 3 falling stars, i saw falling stars before but always falling stars that born in the sky and die in the sky. These were falling stars that born in the sky and die in the horizon, like they were hitting the ground. I saw this 3 times (The first time was about 12 minutes after i saw the 2 stars moving and closer to the one that only moved for 3-4 seconds (Yes, i freaked out) Around 6.30am i was able to see in the sky only, the brightest star i saw in the sky the whole night, the second brightest, the 2 stars that moved (There were stars brightest than the ones that moved but i wasn't able to see them, i don't know why i was still able to see the star that moved if they were not brighter than other ones that i couldn't see anymore, at this point i only could see them like a star not blue and red colors anymore) And i was able to see also 1 more of the stars that i didn't see moving, but i recognized earlier turning blue and red.

Then i decided there is no more reason for being there anymore, and since i was being eaten by mosquitos for 2 hours i went inside the house.

I have to say that, i am an industrial engineer, i don't do drugs, i wasn't drinking that night or the night before (or the one before that one) And i am not the kind of person who believes stories. I am pretty much a city guy, i have been working in a project in this farm, the sky looks different here as it looks in the city, so maybe what i saw it is normal (I will be looking in the internet more information about what i saw) And maybe by posting here, any of the staff can send me an explanation.

I will be watching the skies in the following days at the same time to see if i get something again. Ah yes, i went outside at 4.30am because the restroom that works is in the 2nd floor of the house, and i just went outside to use a tree instead since i was not in the second floor.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of planets in the eastern morning sky. PD))