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Occurred : 8/22/2012 05:20 (Entered as : 08/22/2012 05:20)
Reported: 8/22/2012 9:16:40 AM 09:16
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Greenfield, IN
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 minutes
3 UFOs seen near interstate I70 and Mt Comfort Airport.

I am a federal employee and a mother of 2 children. This morning I went outside to check the weather and drink a cup of coffee at about 5:15am before getting ready for work. I was looking up in the starry sky and noticed two very bright “tracking” objects with a star or planet type appearance. These objects appeared much bigger and brighter than the other stars in the sky though. I then noticed the disc shaped object. It was hovering in the night sky a large distance away (maybe 3-5 miles). The 3 objects were in a triangular formation, but were many miles apart. The “tracking” objects were hovering parallel to interstate I70 (maybe .5 miles north of the interstate) about half way in between the Mt Comfort and Greenfield exits. The “main” object appeared to be north of the other 2 objects in the direction of the Mt Comfort Airport. The disc shaped object was lighting up with what appeared to be tracer lights going around the middle of the saucer from left to ! right and then back right to left. The lights were green and red (going from green to yellowish orange to red in color as they moved). It hovered for about 5 minutes. I then saw a flash, almost like a blue light beam shot out for a split second. I kept watching it and I saw at least one more quick beam. Then I noticed the object tilt. It tilted to an upright position and the lights then ran north to south. I know it sounds crazy, but I almost swore I could see something in the beam going towards the object. It hovered like this for another 5 minutes or so. I then had to go to work, so I stopped watching the main UFO and watched the 2 “tracking” objects hover nearby until I could no longer see them.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect planets in the E sky. PD))