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Occurred : 8/10/2009 22:30 (Entered as : 08/10/2009 22:30)
Reported: 8/22/2012 11:18:32 AM 11:18
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Minot AFB, ND
Shape: Triangle
Duration:45 minutes
Triangle UFO with a mysterious lead pod/craft, accompanied by approx 30 yellow lights in a swept-wing formation observed at Minot, ND.

On 10 Aug 2009, at approximately 22:30 PM (CST), I was inside Minot AFB, ND, while physically located at the parking lot of the temporary lodging facility (TLF). The sky just turned from twilight to dark when I looked North East in the sky and saw a peculiar object fluttering what I thought at first was a moth directly in front of my face and tried swatting at it. As I continued to stare at this thing, I noticed it was flying towards me and was actually materializing what I could describe best as possibly from being invisible to visible, such as a cloaking device that re-materializes after being invisible. The object was flying overhead towards and adjacent to the base's main gate traveling from East to West when I suddenly realized as it flew closer to me and directly over my head that it was triangular in shape object and had an altitude of approximately 3,500 feet. It flew very slow, perhaps my best estimate was 150-200 mph, maybe slower. If I wasn't! looking in the sky at the right place and time, this object would have flown right over my head without me ever knowing or recognizing it, because the object had a dull/ginger/stealth-like radiated light s on each corner, perhaps more lights in between them (can't remember specifically as this incident occurred 2 years ago) and was also totally silent--made no noise. Strangely, this craft was lead by a smaller vehicle of some sort. It was dark now in the sky and I couldn't make out the exact size and shape of this craft, but realized it was what I could describe best as a small "pod" perhaps. The pod was approximately 50-100 meters in front of the triangle UFO. After the triangle and pod flew over my head, it took about 5-7 seconds for me to realize and sink in my head what I actually saw. I yelled for my 16 year old son to come outside and help me look for these UFOs in case they flew over my head again. I explained briefly to my son what I had seen and fo! r him to look for anything flying nearby that looked suspiciou! s and re sembled to what I explained to him what I just saw. My son recognized and saw both vehicles fly right over our heads again exactly on the same course and direction as they flew over me the first time. I believe both crafts flew over us approximately 3 or 4 times total as I remember on one of the passes it appeared the triangle briefly stopped in mid-air directly over us and then proceeded to fly onward. My son and I saw how creepy/dull/ and distorted these "ginger" lights were on the triangle UFO, which gave us an eerie feeling about this entire encounter. What I thought turned out to be only a few passes over our heads of this UFO incident, actually turned-in to be what I still refer to my son to this day as a "UFO air show".

Approximately 15-20 minutes into the sighting, I looked straight East in the sky and recognized a swept wing formation of approximately 30 small yellow lights flying directly over the main gate and just South of me bearing a straight East to West trajectory. Their altitude was also approximately 3,500 ft and were traveling about 150-200 mph as well (it was dark so there is a high probability of error on the exact altitude and speed on all UFOs seen on this evening). As the objects continued to fly closer to me and my son, they began to perform an inverted barrel roll as all lights maintained and were strictly aligned and clustered in varying degrees from each other while maintaining the swept-wing formation. After the objects completed the roll, they were directly positioned South from me and my son, when all of a sudden all 30 lights were "zigzagging" amongst and between one another without touching. The objects continued to travel South and out of sight and r! emained in their swept-wing formation until we last saw these lights, the stealth-like triangle UFO, and lead "pod"/craft lastly traveling together in a pack as they were East of me and my son, bearing a straight Northerly direction and flew away until they were totally out of sight. My son and I remained outside and watched the skies for approximately 15 minutes longer as I estimated the entire UFO sighting lasted maybe 45 minutes total.

I have always been interested in aviation and UFOlogy as a child, to present as I am now a 48 year old adult (46 at the time of this sighting) being retired US Air Force, after 24 years total active duty service. What I saw, especially due to there being no sound and the stealth-like appearance, radiated and ginger colored lights located on this triangular UFO has made me determined this was not the stealth bomber as I have seen it physically fly in-person twice in my life time while on active duty in the US Air Force, but remarkably I can't relate how this lead "pod"/craft tied into this sighting accompanied with the swept-wing formation of approximately 30 small yellow lights. I attempted at first to call the Operation Squadron's control tower to see if any on-duty personnel witnessed the incident, but decided to change mind and refrained from calling after thinking twice about all this since I was on active duty service at the time. I refrained from reporting ! this sighting as I didn't know exactly who to report this incident as my friend knew and referred me to your agency for reporting purposes.