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Occurred : 8/20/2012 21:30 (Entered as : 08-20-2012 21:00)
Reported: 9/2/2012 11:38:55 AM 11:38
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Peru, IL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
(/\) - Large V shape object with 5 amber lights just above the tree-line moving silently at 10-20 MPH

On August 20th 2012 approximately 9:30 pm I went to shut the front door. Before doing so I stood there to enjoy a cool breeze, and the sound of crickets. Facing north in the doorway, I noticed to the left of me 5 large amber lights that just came from the south side my house. The lights formed a wide V - (/\), or in the shape of a boomerang, and silently moved in a northerly direction. The speed was approximately 10-20 MPH and the height was just above the tree-line. The sky was clear, and some of the lights on the side closes to me flickered a few times. All of the lights moved in unison, and I could not make out a clear solid object. Once it reached the street, the left side moved over the light. What I was able to see on that side was definition, but with no solidity. It was strange; I could only see edges and not a solid mass. So in other words, the side lite by the street light was like an object with no sides and the other side was black. I was! scared, and excited at the same time. I tried to call my girlfriend, but while I was fumbling with the phone in the dark and looking for my shoes to run to the road I dropped it. Once I did get outside, and ran to the end of my walk, I saw two of my neighbors who hadn’t been out earlier. I asked them both if either one of them saw something in the sky. They both replied “no,” they too had just come out with their dogs. I reported it to MUFON right away while my memory was clear. I was so baffled by what I saw I couldn't sleep.

Since its properties were somewhat invisible other than the lights. One theory worth reckoning is it could have been manufactured with a shell made with something like Goldbeaters Skin. Goldbeater’s skin is made from cow innards. The quality is one of transparency and strength. I think they used it back in the early 1900’s airships like the German zeppelins. Maybe that would explain the cow mutilations? Whatever it was, it was also sighted the next day hovering over the municipal airport at 1pm and later that night by a woman and her son. Their sighting was at approximately 7:30 pm. She said the object was hovering over the school and looked somewhat transparent and had five to six lights. I have not been able to get them to fill out a report on MUFON. This whole deal is a little unnerving and I need to make some sense out of what I saw. I called the airport, and the police. No one reported seeing anything. I am hoping it did not see me. I don’t think I want it to! come back. Since I have no control over this situation it is a little frightening.