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Occurred : 7/8/2012 20:45 (Entered as : 07/08/12 20:45)
Reported: 9/4/2012 7:46:35 AM 07:46
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Santa Nella, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1-2 minutes
07/08/12, 20:45, Santa Nella, Ca. Event duration 1 ~ 2 min. 4 reddish colored spheres in box formation; 1 witness.

“UFO Report” What follows is an eye witness account of an unusual sighting as reported by my very lucid 78 year old mother who was driving on her way home from work in early July. She was compelled to pull off on the shoulder of the interstate and stop to better witness this unusual sighting. To my knowledge this is the first and only time in her 78 years that she has ever witnessed anything of this nature.

I’m a 58 year old former aviator; retired USAF veteran of 20 years, with thousands of hours of flight time on both the C-130E and the KC-10A. I have also accrued several thousand hours flight time on the commercial DC-10-40 under contract with Japan Airlines; I am now retired. I questioned and cross examined the witness my mother extensively about the particulars of this sighting, asking her to write down the details for her family as I thought it was unusual and important; she did not get around to it so the task fell to me. She is not prone to flights of fancy and is very much a reflection of the no-nonsense generation that suffered through the Great depression and WWII. I only wish I had seen something this amazing and unusual just once in all my years of flying.

Date: July 8th or 9th 2012 during the evening hours at the onset of dusk; approximately 2000 ~ 2100 hrs local PST. Sunset for Los Banos (a small town nearby) was listed as occurring at 2026 L on both days.

Location: Approximately 7 miles past the town of Santa Nella, traveling north on interstate 5 (I-5). Sighting was witnessed at this locale from the side of the interstate and adjacent to a farm and residential property several hundred feet west of interstate and just north of a large telecom tower, also on the west side as viewed on Google-map using satellite view.

Duration: approximately 1 ~ 2 minutes? Description of objects: 4 illuminated spheres, pale red in color and flying in a box or square formation as they traversed the interstate from east to west (right to left in witnesses field of vision). They appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 300 feet elevation, and may have been about the size of grapefruits or as large as basketballs, as it was difficult to determine exactly. They were silent and did not make any noise or sound whatsoever.

The four orbs or spheres continued crossing the interstate, leisurely headed in the direction of a residential farmhouse. During this portion of their flight they changed position to resemble (in the words of the witness) a cigar-shape, with one red-sphere at each end and one on each side. The witness tried desperately to ascertain if they were attached to a structure in any way, but could not make out anything solid or otherwise that would appear to connect them. By now they were over the farmhouse and momentarily seemed to disappear behind it. Next the witness noted that they (or it) just shot straight up into the sky at a very high rate of speed, further noting that if she had blinked she might have missed their departure thinking they (it) had just vanished.

WX: Was clear with no clouds or obstructions to hamper line of sight.

There were no other witnesses to her knowledge as the interstate was briefly deserted at this particular moment with no passing traffic; which may seem unusual but is certainly not impossible for brief periods of time at this location.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))