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Occurred : 8/15/2012 23:00 (Entered as : 08/15/2012 23:00)
Reported: 9/28/2012 12:04:59 AM 00:04
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Alexandria, VA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1 minute
11 yellowish/red/orange spheres slowly moving over Alexandria Va, multiple witnesses.

This sighting was in Old Town Alexandria in Virginia around 11pm. While taking a cigarette break behind my work, I noticed a light between the tall buildings. It was floating slowly through the sky and was comparable in shape and brightness to any of those glowing ufos you see on you tube, or a plane/helicopter with a bright light. I have seen strange lights in Dumfries, VA, as well, but I always attribute them to Quantico Marine base which is not far away. The lights I see always end up having a blinking light somewhere on them as well. This is what confused me about the objects I saw, it was absent of any blinking lights. The color was also odd, it seemed to have an orange hue. It did not look like a flaming fireball, but the color reminded me of one. It had no smoke or trail behind it, but glowed constantly. The trajectory was fairly constant, slightly rising as it went between the buildings. My line of sight is down a/an alley/street that is made for ca! rs to come in and out of the parking garages. The alley/street is flanked on both sides with the rear of the tall hotels. The street starts at the back of the my building and ends at a road with large building across the street, therefore, my line of sight is limited. There was no noise. I was intrigued by the odd attributes of the object, so I started wandering in the middle of the alley away from my co-workers. I could figure out the type of aircraft it was, so I called over to one of my co-workers so he could come see it. We were looking at it and could not identify the craft. As we were watching, another light came into view. It looked and moved the same. We then witnessed about three more I believe. It was a very interesting sight, watching the orange glowing objects slowly floating. I finished my cigarette and radioed my coworker, posted out front, to make sure he was doing ok without me. He said he was fine. I didn’t mention the lights over the walkie-talkie. I walk! ed in the back door, through the lobby, and out the front to m! y co-wor ker. You can see a bit more of the sky due to the bigger street out front. I still could not see any of the lights in the sky out front, so I asked him if he saw anything weird while I was out back. I didn’t prompt him by adding “in the sky.” He said he saw a bunch of lights in the sky. What amazed me was that he said he witnessed at least eleven of these objects. There must have been some lower flying objects blocked by the building at the end of the street that I could not see. The other possibility is that I witnessed the end of the event, and only saw the last few. There are a few explanations that can be used for this event. The lights could be ET crafts or etra-dimensional crafts. If they are one of those two possibilities; then it seems like they were showing themselves off to us, based on the slow speed and staggered formation. Another thought is that they were Chinese floating lanterns for a funeral or something, I am not sure when it is customary to let off those ! “sky lanterns.” I looked up news on the internet for an event that would let them off. I believe it may be illegal to do sky lanterns anyway, so that may debunk that explanation. It seemed to be a bigger object farther away, rather than small lanterns closer. It could not have been a balloon and be lit up the way it was. My coworker who was out back tried to say they were meteors in the distance from a meteor shower happening starting at 1am that night. They could not be meteors going that slow and horizontal across the sky, unless I am mistaken. He will just not admit that he has no idea what it is and can’t explain it. I hope you mention this sighting next time you are on Coast to coast am. I feel like if you say something on c2c, then other people from Alexandria may come forward. I submitted this to you because the story of the gentleman seeing the fireball reminded me of the color that I saw. Thank you very much, I wish you were taking phone calls tonight. You should h! ave a longer segment sometime to take sightings on the air. Th! ank you again, and sorry for the novel, but it took more than a few words to get the thought out.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))