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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/11/2012 22:00 (Entered as : 05/11/2012 22:00)
Reported: 10/4/2012 1:55:43 AM 01:55
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Peach Springs, AZ
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 days
Lights observed on ground with smaller red light observed leaving and returning to larger lights.

On 05/11/12 at about 2100 hours, myself (Sgt.) and two other officers were dispatched to an area east of Peach Springs, AZ. (Route 66 / Mile Post 110) in reference to a report of a green laser cockpit strike on a commercial aircraft at 22,000 feet. We responded to the area and were unable to locate a source of a green laser. Since we were we had not located anyone in the reported area, we then began to spread out and check the surrounding area of anything out of the ordinary. One of the officers reported to me that he was seeing strange lights near the Grand Canyon. Myself and another officer responded to an area on Route 66 / Mile Post 105. At first glance, I observed lights out in the distance and was puzzled because lights should not have been located in the area they were being seen due to the remote and rough terrain. I had recieved reports earlier in the week of a search and rescue effort that was being conducted by the Coconino County Sheriff's ! Office and I made contact with Search & Rescue personnel and was informed that there was no search going on at that time and that what I was seeing was not anything they were doing. I contacted the local Fire / EMS department and a paramedic and EMT/ Fire Marshall arrived at the scene. They advised that they had no idea what it was and we came to the conclusion that what we were seeing was a landed UFO. The Fire Chief arrived shortly afterward. He has always lived in this area and knows the country very well. He had no idea what the lights could be or how they could be where they were at. We all stood at the roadside looking off to the Northwest at the lights. While looking at the lights, I observed the following: I observed that the lights at first numbered 5 and then at times 6 (the 6th light would sometimes stay lit as bright as the other 5 lights for long periods of time and then sometimes dim and then fade and go out). They were large diameter round lights bluis! h white in color. They seemed to have an aura around them and! seemed to light up the area where they were located. I observed that the lights were arranged in a row and were evenly spaced. While watching the lights I observed that a smaller red light would light up and then move away from the larger lights. It would move around the area, and then return to the larger lights. I watched most of this using 8 power Steiner binoculars. The other officers also used their binoculars to watch the lights. The group of us stayed there on the roadside for approximately an hour and then the fire and EMS personnel left and returned to quarters. The other two officers left the scene and I stayed behind and continued to observe the lights. I continued to watch as the lights continued to do as previously described. I attempted to estimate the distance at which the lights were located but could not tell with any certainty. If I had to make a rough estimate, I would say 10+ miles away and the lights had to be in an area of at least 100 yards. The co! nditions at the time of sighting was: Clear, cool, dark /no moon, all quiet, air traffic and stars could be easily seen overhead and the glow of Las Vegas, NV could be seen in the distance. I met again with the other two officers and we discussed an attempt to go and locate the lights. One of the officers suggested that I contact the Arizona DPS helicopter and have them fly to the sight. Due to the unknown circumstances and having no evidence that it was anyone in trouble or a crash site, I was reluctant to contact them and potentially put an air crew in possible danger. We left the road side viewing area and proceeded to a nearby hill in an attempt to get a better view. We were able to still see the lights, but not any better than where we first saw them. We continued for the next few hours to locate a way to get to the lights, but were unable to do so. I watched the lights again from the roadway and then left at the end of my shift on 05/12/12 @ 0200 hours. I advi! sed the other officers to keep an eye on the lights and let me! know of any changes. The other officers advised that the lights stayed where we saw them though out the hours of darkness. On 05/12/12 at dusk, I again checked the area of the original sighting, and I could again see the lights. I reported the sighting to another officer who had not been on the night before and advised them of what we had saw. He came to the spot and observed the lights with me. He advised that he wished to go and attempt to locate the lights and he and a officer from the night before attempted to locate the lights. They were unable to locate the lights. On 05/13/12 I brought a 30x spotting scope with me to work and again observed the lights off in the distance in what appeared to be the same location. I could see the lights clearer and again observed 6 lights with a smaller red light leaving and returning to the larger lights. The next day an investigator and a officer who had witnessed the lights on the first night attempted to locate the area again but ! were unable to get to the location. As far as it is known, there is no way to travel to the location by vehicle. When I returned to shift on 05/15/12, I found that the lights were no longer visible. I spoke with the other officers who knew about the lights and they advised that the lights had been there on the 14th and in the same spot. I have kept an eye on the area since the sighting and have not seen the lights since. No explanation of the what the lights were or why they were there have ever been found. Also no photographs were taken of the lights. We did attempt to take photos, but due to the distance involved, they did not turn out.