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Occurred : 10/13/2012 04:00 (Entered as : 10/13/12 4:00)
Reported: 10/13/2012 2:07:23 AM 02:07
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Stone Ridge, NY
Shape: Sphere
Duration:still occurring
White spheres (dots) darting around and emitting sparks at random

Multiple people have witnessed these dots in the sky that sort of look like stars, but they move around in a darting fashion and every once in a while it looks like it sparks and they are colorful. There are more than one, but they are randomly placed through out the sky.

Right now it is a little after 4am est here and it was a few hours ago that they were first seen by three people. Then later on, another person came home (that would be me) from shopping and was told about it. I, of course, thought they were losing their minds, but sure enough I have seen it with my own eyes. One of the witnesses said that the one they were watching earlier seemed to disappear and then when I got home it was back.

I know the constellation Orion, so I went and stared at it and the star that is his left hand didn't move or spark or anything.... so I used it like a control group so that to me shows that I am not losing my mind too. It can't be mass hallucination.....since it occurred at different times. At first I thought that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.... but I went out and looked multiple times..... not staring for a long time (which can distort your vision). I would just look for 30 seconds or so and it would dart to the right....then the left...then it would make like a loop....then these little sparks.... and it happened multiple times....

As we continue to watch them as it is now almost 4:30 am est they are still there but changing their main position slightly. For the most part when they dart to the left or right or up and down and do the loop they always seem to come back to the point where they started. Out of curiosity we looked around in the sky and have found at least 4 at this point, but it is cold out there and we (or at least I) do not want to keep looking... We are freaked out enough.

The witnesses are as follows : a 13 year old girl, a 46 year old woman, and two younger women ages 28 year old and a 38 year old. The 13 year old is still in school, the 46 year old graduated high school, the 28 year old has her GED and the 38 year old went to 1 year of college. The 46 year old is the mother of the 28 year old and she is currently on DSS. 38 year old is a stay at home mom. and the 28 year old is too. Well, that is all I can think of..... I do have one last thing to say and that is.... I know I saw what I saw....and It really makes me feel uneasy. Thank you for your time. (I also called and left a msg on the hotline.)