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Occurred : 10/14/2012 19:28 (Entered as : 10/14/12 19:28)
Reported: 10/15/2012 4:00:03 AM 04:00
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Santa Ana/Garden Grove/Irvine/Anaheim, CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:+2 hours
Triangle formation of lights over orange county CA

On Sunday night, around 7:29 PM, my boyfriend and I entered onto the 22 east Garden Grove freeway to take a friend of ours home. At 8:06 PM, while still on that freeway, I noticed three bright lights steady in the sky up ahead of me. I pointed them out to my boyfriend, who suggested that they were planes putting on a show or perhaps may have had something to do with the space shuttle Endeavor finally reaching its destination. As I was beginning to mention that Los Angeles was in the opposite direction, the lights began, in unison, to move in a non aggressive manner and seemed to "softly tumble" lower in the sky. It was then that the three lights stood out as not being three individual objects (which explains my confusion behind the number of air craft I had seen), but that the three lights may actually have been part of a large triangular shaped aircraft, because as it was rolling "out of the sky", in the same fashion as something would when tumbling or falling into water. I could almost see the outline of the craft, an accurate way to describe the actual view of it would be as if a triangle made entirely of glass with an LED light on each corner of its shape were dropped into water. And finally, the person watching this occur is viewing it all from outside of the water, and from a much lower level, with only the lights actually visible in the darkness.

The lights then spread out to form a horizontal line and with smooth effort, picked up speed and glided quickly away as different helicopters and airplanes came nearer to. These lights continued to show up over the next hour or so, and I did not give them much thought until after my boyfriend and I were home and nothing about the incident was mentioned on the news or anywhere online for that matter.

I am filling out this report with the hopes that an explanation exists somewhere that won't be along the lines of being a natural phenomena. The three lights in formation of a triangle craft was significantly larger than average passenger or commercial airplanes, I realized, after a helicopter passed my window and made its way toward the lights. Although the lights did not "allow" for any thing in the sky to approach it, it was very obvious that if it were one craft, it was similar to comparing the size of a cat to the size of an elephant.