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Occurred : 10/20/2012 21:15 (Entered as : 10/20/2012 21:15)
Reported: 10/20/2012 10:15:01 PM 22:15
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:2-4 minutes
12 red lights over gateway airport . 1 light merged with anouther light and became 1 light.

At around 9:15 on 10/20/2012 I went outside to pull my car in the garage. 5 to 7 red lights were above the rooftops looking south towards gateway airport. I am in Gilbert Arizona and my crossroads are Recker and Guadualupe.

I thought that this was military aircraft doing something but it looked a little unusual. The lights appeared as if they were moving north (towards my house) and climbing to higher elevation. 4 more lights apeared and looked to be following the other group. One lights in the first group moved toward anouther in a strait line and merged with anouther (the two becoming one light). anouther 2 groups of 2 appeared as the others hit the edge of the clouds.

I called out my wife after a few started disapearing. there were about 10 in the sky when she came out. the lights slowly moved up until all of the lights disapeared in the clouds. This all happenend in about 2 to 4 minutes. Also, I was waiting for the usual noise of a fighter on! ce they passed. There was no noise from these objects and they moved as if they were controlled.