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Occurred : 10/13/2012 05:30 (Entered as : 10/13/2012 5:30)
Reported: 10/25/2012 9:44:14 AM 09:44
Posted: 10/30/2012
Location: Ligonier, PA
Shape: Other
Duration:15-20 minutes
Puslating Lights, Yellow, Red, Yellow-Object was completely silent

On the morning of 10-13-12 I made my way into the woods as I planned on Archery hunting that day. I sat down in my tree stand which is roughly 16 feet in the tree. On my way into the woods I had noticed some eyes and deer. Once sitting in my stand I started to use my flashlight to see where the deer had went as it was still dark out.

At roughly 530am I saw what I thought was a plane or a helicopter go straight up into the sky. I did not think anything of it however I then watched it come back down to about eye level with the tree line. Whatever it was it was right through the trees as I could make out pulsating white lights. All the while the object never made a sound. As I was watching this happen the lights moved to my left, then to my right. Once it moved to the right I could clearly see 3 pulsating lights. Yellow, Red, Yellow. I was extremely scared at this point as I actually felt as if we were both looking and checking each other out. It should be noted that I am an avid outdoorsman and leave for my hunting trips when it is dark out. I have never seen anything like this in my life and I hope I never do so again.

I lowered my equipment out of my tree stand and left the woods heading back for camp. I get the sense that my wife doesn’t believe me and my friends think I am crazy! The whole thing that I cant grasp is the way that it moved, and the lack of any noise. I hope that there are others out there that have seen something like this!