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Occurred : 8/27/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 08/27/12 21:00)
Reported: 11/3/2012 9:49:14 AM 09:49
Posted: 11/4/2012
Location: York, ME
Shape: Other
Duration:1-2 minutes
Low-flying object resembling plane on fire moving horizontally on Maine turnpike

While traveling north on 1-95 in Maine, I noticed a large orange light slowly moving (left to right) across the horizon above the highway. Initially, I thought it was an airplane on fire because it was so low and assumed it was crashing. The main color was orange, but it seemed as if there was a smaller green light at the front of the object. Similarly, there was a darkness to the mass that made me believe it was plane with its engines on fire. Since there was no noise, I assumed the engines had stalled out. There was not a long tail on the object like there usually is in a shooting star. It moved horizontally and then took a sharp left. Its path then became obscured by the trees to the right side of the highway.

I was on the phone at the time of the sighting, and I'm not a person who swears much, but I swore. A lot. The person I was talking to is a police officer in another Maine municipality. He checked all the teletypes for plane crashes. There were none. I also checked the papers for the next few days for meteor sightings, etc. Again, I couldn't find any reports.