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Occurred : 11/5/2012 23:00 (Entered as : 11/5/12 23:00)
Reported: 11/5/2012 9:53:13 PM 21:53
Posted: 11/19/2012
Location: Boise, ID
Shape: Other
Duration:2.5 seconds
Supersonic, silent aircraft with multiple lights, and one extremely bright white flashing light.

11:00pm (approx) sky conditions: night, mostly clear, little ambient brightness, dim moon PRE-SIGHTING I was walking towards a house, about to knock on the door to enter when a helicopter began to amble by, a few hundred feet off the ground parallel to me, maybe half a mile away. the fact that it sounded heavy and had distinct lighting gave me the impression that it was a military helicopter, so i studied it as i knocked on the door. it was flying West to East.

SIGHTING it was at this point an object emerged from the eastern horizon, flying east to west at over supersonic speeds. it flew maybe 800+ feet above (although not directly 'above', likely on its flank a bit as it was hard to tell from my angle) the chopper. it made no sound at all and gave no heat or other effects and crossed the entire sky in about 2 and a half seconds.

It had one indescribably bright light on the center of the object, that flashed at regular intervals. the 'light' had only a few chances to flash due to the objects' speed. the light was so bright, so intensely white that you could see every color of the rainbow streaming within the light. there were perhaps other, dimmer white lights that stayed on constantly, placed around the craft.

The main body of the craft was very hard to distinguish in the darkness, but the lights on its own body gave some ambient illumination to itself. i could barely make out the greyed outline of a bizarre, somewhat triangle shaped craft. when the light would flash, it would be blocked out by the intensity. when it was off briefly, there was still light emerging from the craft, although not as bright. the lights on the object far outshone that of the helicopters', even the moon. the light was distinctly inhuman.

Because of the sudden nature of the event, i did not really try to make sure i would remember the details of the craft itself, as i was still what i would describe as 'calmly-lobotomized', staring like an idiot into the sky away from their house as someone opened the door.

I believe there is a possibility that the chopper pilots may have also seen the craft, although given its speed and silent nature there is a chance they only saw a white flash in the corner of the eyes. Choppers seemed to remain in the sky for the rest of the night as i saw one driving a few hours later and also heard another when i got home.

I give an estimate of 900+ feet for the elevation of the craft, and perhaps about the size of a good boat, quit a bit larger than a fighter jet.

I have seen F-16s, F-15s, F-22s, F-18s, MiGs, at night, at day, flying high, low, supersonic, really slow, you name it. I have looked down the barrel an A-10 Warthogs' Gatling gun. I have seen b-2 spirits, Stealth fighters, both parked and flying in close detail(although men guarded the F117 nighthawk) i have been in a V-22 Osprey helicopter, hueys, Apaches, UH-60 Blackhawk, freaking chinooks. I have been on countless commercial aircraft of all make and size my whole life.

This was NOT a known aircraft, to be certain. it demonstrated distinctly inhuman traits. if it was human, i conjecture top secret military craft.

It should be noted that this was certainly a 'craft', and not a natural phenomenon.

It was NOT a meteor or balloon of any type. It was not ball lightning. it was not an aurora,a moon halo, it was not swamp gas, sun dogs, it was not a lenticular cloud, or any other type of electromagnetic/plasma phenomenon. it was not gary busey eyeing the world dangerously as he travels in his home-made craft powered out of fear and childrens' screams. it was not santa, it was not a satellite, it was not a missile test. as someone who is extensively familiar with both military/civilian aircraft and astronomical phenomenon, all i can say with absolute assurance is this was an unidentified, constructed object exhibiting inhuman traits flying in proximity to aircraft with zero explanation and no other way of seeing it was there (radar?) other than eyesight.