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Occurred : 11/8/2012 01:30 (Entered as : 11/08/12 1:30)
Reported: 11/8/2012 12:31:19 PM 12:31
Posted: 11/19/2012
Location: Pueblo, CO
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 minutes
Multicolored flashing ball of light (disco-ball)

At approximatly 1:30 am i took my dogs outside to relieve themselves and was looking up at the night sky when i noticed a ball of light that flashed multiple colors white then blue then green the yellow then red and so on. It was stationary and never moved but it was bright and not anything like a planet or star. I've seen these objects here in Pueblo before.

About 4 years ago i was talking a walk through the park late at night and there must of been 10 to 15 of these lights in the sky. I've never seen these lights anywhere else except in Pueblo.

((NUFORC Note: Possible observation of the star, Sirius, we suspect. PD))