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Occurred : 11/7/2012 19:30 (Entered as : 11/07/2012 19:30)
Reported: 11/12/2012 4:34:35 PM 16:34
Posted: 11/19/2012
Location: Lone Pine (Mt. Whitney), CA
Shape: Unknown
encounter with et and being chased for 60 miles

returning home south bound on hwy 395 at around 19:20 hrs i noticed that on Mt Whitney there was a bright white light were there should not have been one, taking the next exist i follow a trail to a location that offered a view of the mountains and the area in front of the mountains, and from there i observed many light both on the mountains and from there base to the highway for 6 hours! I also was able to photograph some of the lights which although having a full moon helped long shutter opening, were needed. The light first light on mt whitney had disappeared when a few minutes later reappear with a second light and both light moved about the mountain until they reached the base, where they continued out onto the plain in front of the mountain for a few minutes then blink they were gone.

This activity continued thru out the night, with one exception, a light appeared at the base of a small hill located to my left i watched as this ligh! t slowly moved toward hwy 395 then stopped and went off! I wanted a closer look and moved without lights toward the small hill thinking a trail could be found that would lead me toward the mountain, but i only found a large field which confused me because my view had changed so back to old location was necessary, i was about to move on when i noticed that a light was moving towards my location from the hill slo wly using the trees and brush to hide its movement when it reached the last bush it bent over and rested on one knee then turned toward me.

This is what i saw the form was wearing a suit or something like that, light in color no other detail was viewed, a helmet was covering the head and was dark but for a copper like color coming from the inside view lens, I tried to use my glasses to see better but the form was not visable until i removed them, at this point my concern for my safety over came my interest to remain any longer so i left or tried to leave but was un! able to locate the exist which i had used to get into the fiel! d, stopp ed from going further i left my vehicle on foot to find the exist it took a few minutes but i found the track i needed getting back on to the trail there was a red blinking light to my right at first i did not notice but once i started to move so did the light when i stopped it did too i tried to creep slowly but this light maintained a safe distance from my vehicle. I finally got the camera out (Nikon D 3000 SLR) and started to shoot these light, there was a full moon that night but long shutter opening was necessary shooting the lights on the mountain was not good but taking the pictures of the red lights came out much better, I am not saying what i saw i would rather hear what other see, but when i saw the first image on my camera i new it was time to get out of there quickly and that is just what i did! Once i was back on hwy 395 and just passed lone pine something i had not consider happened that red blinking light was now following me this i know because it appeared j! ust to my right and in front of my vehicle using the frontage road, my speed at the time was about 75 mph the light had no trouble keeping up nor did have trouble passing thru a second story building next to a railroad crossing pacing me for the next 60 miles until i stopped near red rock state park and could no loner see the light!