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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/21/2012 11:18 (Entered as : 11/21/12 11:18)
Reported: 11/21/2012 8:32:03 PM 20:32
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Springfield, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 hour
Strange Flashing White and Green Bright lights ascending and hovering

Every few Days I have seen the same craft or similar craft outside my window. I live in springfield, but this thing is far away so it looks like its in the direction of Palmer or Munson. The first time I saw it it was coming towards Springfield from the Palmer direction. At first I thought it was a plane but it was going really fast and the lights of the craft were very bright with one green flashing light, not like a blinking light, it was flashing quickly and the angle of the craft was upwards not like the way a plane would ascend. I thought wow that must be some new spy plane or something that the Gov designed, but it was really fast. There was a plane flying on the eastern side of my window and it was so much slower than this plane. I saw it for about six seconds ascending and then it disapeared out of my view.

The second time was a few days ago. It was the same bright white lights with a flashing green light, but this time it was just hovering. I w! atched it thinking maybe it was a blimp or a star and my eyes were playing tricks so I kept blinking to make sure I was seeing correctly. The craft moved slightly left then right then went into a 90 degree angle but did not ascend. Then a little white light broke off from the craft and moved around a little in a circular motion then went back to the craft. Eventually I just stopped watching because I don't have a camera right now and I started to just think it was a tower or a star or a blimp. I figured if I saw it the next day it was something that had always been there. But the next day it wasn't there. Then tonight The thing was to the right of my window flashing brightly still towards Palmer and hovering. It moved to the left and up and stayed there for a while. My husband yelled at me to go to bed and that I'm crazy but now its gone so I don't know where it went. Once I get a camera for christmas and if the thing comes back I am going to find out what exactly tha! t thing is because it is nothing like I have ever seen. I lik! e to wat ch stars and have seen different types of planes because we live near a military airbase, but this thing is in the opposite direction of the base and it definitley wasn't a conventional plane or craft. I don't even think a blimp could maneuver like this thing did but I don't know. All I know is I hope other people have seen this thing because it is weird.