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Occurred : 12/18/2009
Reported: 11/25/2012 3:28:30 PM 15:28
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Norton/Attleboro, MA
December 2009 UFO Crash/Landing in Norton/Attleboro, MA Area night of Snowstorm

On a December night in 2009, my then girlfriend at the time and I saw an unidentified flying object crash to the ground in Norton, MA. I am not sure exactly what the date was, but am sure that it was prior to Christmas 2009. Potentially a week or so before. She picked me up at my residence on East Main Street in Norton, MA around 9 or 10 PM, as she was sent home early from her evening shift due to the snow storm.

The snow at the time was heavy, wet and about six inches, it accumulated very quickly. She even got her car stuck in the snow and my friends had to help her get back on the road by pushing the was so slick out that her tires just spun. It took about 6 adult males to get the car back in the street.

Both she and I were 30 at the time. We are both college educated. Her father is a retired FBI agent, her brother an active agent. My father was the CEO of a major international company for a while and at that time the CEO of a start-up. Both my girlfriend at the time and I were completely sober. I know that I and she had not taken any alcohol or substance for months, as our relationship was based around staying clean.

After she picked me up and my friends helped push the car back on the road, we headed South West East Main Street in Norton past Wheaton College toward downtown Norton. Wheaton College was only 1/4 a mile from my residence. We were in the car for only about 3 mins, sliding all over the road, when we saw an object that appeared to be glowing green come shooting from the sky down to earth. The object was not a refection on the falling snow, believe me. It was very clear through the storm due to how bright it was.

We we heading on East Main Street (Rt 123) heading South West when we saw the object appear from seemingly no where, it was very bright and was glowing green and falling at the speed of a jet. The object was falling from the Southwest, but more west than south. So we were coming towards rte 123 and 140 in Norton towards Norton Center and if you had norton center as south, the object fell at the west. I am not sure of the shape, as it was falling too fast and the green light around it had yellow, red and white on it... I thought and still think it was a meteor and in fact reported it to an online meteor sight.

The object was very very clear, snow or no snow, there was no obstruction, it was big and bright and moving extremely fast as though falling out of the sky. The last I saw it was to heading about 5 miles west of Norton Center (where we were heading) and it disappeared below the tree line. The object was in the sky long enough for me to point it out to my then girlfriend who said something like holy s#@t what is that and, because she was driving so slow due to the snowstorm and since no one was on the road (it was a really really bad storm), she was easily able to see it to.

It’s hard to say what it was, it could have been a meteor, a ufo. It could have been a rectangle, square or round, I don’t know. It appeared round because it was falling and had a greenish, yellowish, whitish orb and tail around it.

100% if was not flying across the sky, I have seen many a shooting star and this was close, in our atmosphere and crashed somewhere probably near the Norton, Attleboro line. We saw it go from the sky, get bigger and closer and it was heading directly to the ground. There is a small regional airport in Norwood, MA, it was not a plane, you would not have been able to see a plane in that storm and this object was very clear and broke through the clouds at a speed that small planes cannot get to. It also very clearly hit the ground, we saw it go below the fireball, nothing like that, not plane crashes reported.

What I want to know is did anyone else see this object, this bright glowing object falling to the ground in Norton, MA on December of 2009 during the snowstorm. My then girlfriend and I saw it. Both of us had never seen a UFO before. I assume all UFO’s are government crafts, don’t really believe in aliens, but I’ve been proven wrong before. All I know is that we had clear minds, were in the act of falling in love and both audibly were shocked by the object that we saw crash to earth. We both said well, that must be a meteor, but who knows. It was soooooo bright someone, someone, a plow driver, someone must have seen it too.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))