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Occurred : 11/28/2012 23:59 (Entered as : 11/28/12 23:59)
Reported: 11/29/2012 11:15:57 PM 23:15
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Revere Beach, MA
Shape: Formation
Saw a green neon snake formation in the sky, like a serpent chasing its own tail -- over Massachusetts.

I walked out onto my balcony for a cigarette at a minute to midnight. I remember the time perfectly because I was cramming hard to get work done before the clock struck twelve. I had just finished saving some documents and uploaded them to my work's server at exactly 11:57. Then I cheered for making the deadline and immediately headed outside to smell the fresh ocean air and relieve some stress. I had just lit my cigarette when I heard a dog suddenly barking very loudly.

I scanned the boardwalk with my eyes until I located the dog, and then saw its owner was struggling hard to control the animal because it was going ballistic! The dog was facing and barking wildly towards the sky, so naturally I looked in the same direction, and that's when I saw a green swirly motion in the darkness. Like a ball of green fire, it rotated very fast in circles like a neon snake...then faded into complete blackness.

At first I thought is was a firework, but I've never seen fireworks take on the perfect form of an illuminated green snake. The spiraling effect was too perfect to be a firework. So then I thought well maybe it was a projection of a computer graphic of some sort, but where could someone project something so bright in this area? I don't know of any projectors that could be aimed so high to create such a bold hologram-like picture...unless it was military or NASA. And though I caught the spectacle at its tail end, I know that fireworks wouldn't be shot off now so close to winter, and so close to Boston airport. There are tons of planes constantly landing and taking off in this area. What I saw scared and alarmed animals. If it was a normal flying aircraft,any dog in the area would be so conditioned to seeing and hearing them. However, this dog was clearly threatened.

At first I thought the dog sensed a negative stranger and was acting protective over its owner. So I focused my attention in the beginning to the boardwalk (in front of th! e walker, behind, around)...before looking UP. It was such a w! eird sig ht. My partner came outside to see what the barking was all about because apparently all the dogs in the building next us also went ballistic. I showed him traces of the spiral circles in the sky and told him what I saw, yet the remnants had quickly evaporated like a cheap perfume. We ruled out all "sane" possibilities. The dogs going crazy also confirmed something was not normal. I've never seen anything like this in my life. It sort of reminded me of those chinese dragons that spin around and around. This was similar, yet the green fire moved like a snake and looked exactly like one....almost as if it was chasing its own tail. This goes down in my memory book forever. I'm a very educated person with no mental issues whatsoever. I'm not going to look at a grape and try to convince you it is an orange. I am only telling you what I saw.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))