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Occurred : 12/3/2012 23:00 (Entered as : 12/03/12 23:00)
Reported: 12/3/2012 10:47:20 PM 22:47
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Englewood, CO
Shape: Unknown
UFO with whirring red, blue, and green light spotted stationary in the sky below orion's belt.

It is now 11:32 p.m. MST, 12/03/2012. For over the past thirty minutes I have seen a bright light between Orion's Belt and the horizon, south-southeast from my location. From the naked eye, it looks like the shimmering of colored light you get when you look at an airplane with it's red and green lights flashing in the distance, but it has barely moved. A friend had told me it moved a short distance before stopping again all before he contacted me to take a look for myself. The best way to describe the view from the naked eye is that of an atom. Imagine seeing white light like a star (atom) with red, green and blue electrons whirring around it like quick lights flashing on a police car.

Looking through a telescope, it appeared as if there could be one light, or several ones close together. It looked like there were three lights formed into some kind of triangular shape, but I didn't have sufficient magnification to make out a distinct arrangement.

At one point, I thought I had seen this triangular shape turning and transforming, like an unstable particle in the sky.

Other witnesses besides myself are 2 friends of mine, one of which told me and the other I informed myself, and a friend of one of them from Texas.