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Occurred : 12/11/2012 18:15 (Entered as : 12/11/2012 18:15)
Reported: 12/11/2012 8:57:43 PM 20:57
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Pittsburg, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15-20 seconds
Small single light with no sound flying low and slow, chaning colors and even direction quickly.

Heading east on North Parkside Dr in Pittsburg, CA 94565. Driving around 35 MPH. We noticed an odd yellowish light around 300-400 feet in the sky heading west/north-west in direction. My wife was the driver and was first to notice the UFO straight in front of us about 1/4 mile in the sky. She said there is a UFO. I looked at it and thought at first it might be a helicopter as it was kinda hovering. It was already dark out and had patchy fog.

After I looked closer I saw it continue to fly westward but not in a straight line. It seemed to be smaller than a helicopter but couldn't make out any size or shape. It was just a single light kinda moving westward maybe 10 MPH.

I rolled down my window and stuck my head and chest out of the passenger window to watch it as it was behind us a little now about the 7-8 o'clock angle. My wife continued to watch it too. I was telling her pull over, pull over. We next saw it change to a bluish color and move really fast in ! a small area switching directions quickly and almost randomly. It then changed back to the yellowish color and gained a little height as it continued to travel west by north/west. Almost as if trying to stay in the low fog/clouds that were in the area. We never heard any sound from it and the lights were weird in color. I guess you could say they were kinda rich/dark in color. Not like any lights i've seen before.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))