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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/30/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 113012 21:00)
Reported: 12/12/2012 4:37:40 AM 04:37
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Union City, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes

After I had completed unpacking on the first night in our new house, I went out to the rear patio on the eastside of our home to relax and make a cell-phone call to a close friend. As I was waiting for them to pick up my call, a group of three orange lights flying south and some distance away caught my attention. When my friend picked up my call I told him immediately what I was seeing as I joked by saying it was probably some college kids sending off some dry-cleaner bags with candles lit up inside and then we laughed as I turned away from their appearance.

As we chatted for a few minutes, I was surprised to see the orange lights still flying about in the distance since it seemed like five or ten minutes had passed since I first noticed them. So I focused my eyes more acutely on them again to see what I could detect about their nature.

One thing I found very striking about them was the pureness of their orange color, which was stunning to see. My friend and I also began speculating about what they could be due to their high strangeness as they flew over the south end of the Bay Area at an altitude of maybe 5k feet, though from my vantage point it was difficult to tell this for sure.

As odd sightings in the sky go, and I sure have had my share of them in my 60 years, this was particularly curious to me because it was so obvious as the three orange orbs seemed to play whimsically together as they flew further and further into the distance before disappearing into a cloud formation and then they suddenly blinked out. I laughed as I mentioned to my friend on the phone that they must have flown inside their mother ship.

Believing others must have also seen what I saw flying over this very large metro area, I naturally assumed there would be a number of reports on the late news to let me know what it was I had observed. However, as I perused through a number of local news reports later I was surprised that not one thing was mentioned about the orange orbs, which was almost more shocking to me then witnessing them as I had earlier. I guess the media has been told by SOMEBODY…DO NOT cover such mass sighting events unless you have specific proof of what it was everyone saw in order to prevent mass panic among the public at large. Pffft!

Fortunately, I heard Peter D. on C2C about two weeks later and he mentioned then that there were numerous sightings of orange orbs witnessed across the US and elsewhere in the world, which also made me pause as his descriptions of them grabbed my attention, particularly the one in Castle Rock, WA, seen by an airline pilot. Oddly, the pilots description was almost the same as what I had seen, though my sighting was at a far greater distance by order of magnitude.

Based on what I have become aware of regarding such bizarre phenomena in our strange little world, it is only my opinion today that such widespread and multiple sightings of essentially the same thing being reported (and many others unreported too) suggests that this is a conditioning procedure that will eventually allow people everywhere to become comfortable with them as an everyday, ho-hum, occurrence. Once their presence is generally accepted as a mystery that isn’t really hurting anyone, my guess is that our first encounter with intelligent life from another world is forthcoming. Soon. And, I suspect the reason for this is because our civilization has become to large and complex for us to manage and it may erupt into a full-on global thermo-nuclear war that will kill everyone in its aftermath.

However, such a scenario of our untimely and unwelcome demise may not be acceptable to a group of aliens who have invested their time and resources into an effort to cultivate a civilization, ours’, (emulating God? Perhaps, or acting as an agent of the Divine) that is now on the verge of joining theirs’ to one degree or another and for whatever reason they may have for such an undertaking over a twenty-six thousand year time span. After all, whom among us can say for sure where we all began? Can you? Or do you simply believe what others believed thousands of years ago when their interpretations of reality may have been much less precise than ours’ today and also influenced heavily by strange superstitions. If so, I truly hope that works out for you as your closed minds and hearts implode when the truth comes out later.

Nuff said…