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Occurred : 6/12/2004 22:00 (Entered as : 06/12/2004 22:00)
Reported: 12/14/2012 12:05:17 PM 12:05
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Southbridge, MA
Shape: Other
Duration:10 seconds
Scanner beam passes through house and yard.


SO, I am NOT reporting a sighting, but rather a phenomena which I think is also UFO based. Believe me I would love to see and report a UFO. It just hasn't happened to me. But this phenomena did and it was unique and unexpected enough that I am now reporting it, after 8 years of sitting on it.

Basically I was sitting home one night alone, with no music or distractions, when what I can only describe as a vast scanner beam from above, moved across the area of my house and yard, and the wilderness around us. Through my house and eventually through me as it passed. It caught my attention just moments before reaching me, I physically turned my head towards it as part of the realization that something was approaching. I was hit with an immediate adrenalin rush, before it got to me, the hairs on my skin were alerted, and I had the immediate instinct to get my back against a wall and freeze as if it were something I could hide form. Which I did, though I was sitting. It passed over the house, through the house and walls, and over and through me, then continued on until it was gone. It seemed to take no notice of me at all. It didn't stop or change in any way as it went over/through me. The whole even took less than 10 seconds. I waited without moving, but it did not retu! rn. I stayed alerted to it's possible return, for days.

This was a unique and strange occurrence. I swear to you, I don't typically (not ever) cling to a wall to hide from a mysterious energy force scanning the area and when I do (this one time) it is because it is something real enough that I feel the need to take action.

I am a pretty open person to subtle energy and I was in a pretty remote place alone at night, and in a pretty open state of awareness at that point in my life, living alone, working from home, and communicating through letters and emails way more than verbally for many days at a time. I think without this state of mind, I might have missed this even all together. But it was stunning how clearly this “beam” became a clear and visible event in my awareness. It felt telepathic, and though I could not see it with my eyes. I could tell where it was in the yard, watch it literally hit the walls and floor and pass over me. It had a yellow leading edge and yellow wherever it intersected with anything, and left a greenish yellow trail as it passed, which seemed to waggle a bit like looking down a hot street. It passed at an extremely constant machine like velocity, with a speed akin to just slower than a shadow of a cloud passing you at the beach, that same vast angle feeling, but! with an extremely accurate edge. Maybe even more like the beam from a lighthouse in it's constancy, is the best way to describe it, but the leading edge of the beam definitely ran for a few acres and originated from an point far up into the sky. The beam ran from north to south. And it swept from west to east. It's leading edge was what felt like a beam but it could also be described as a field. And its shape, originating from a distant point, farther north than I was, and far up in the sky gave it the feeling of having a vast area. I was facing north as it passed.

And the final distinct detail of the event was that not only was my mind opened up to receiving this clear visual image of the beam, as the beam passed (an otherwise invisible and soundless event), but as it passed I was also able to visualize and make out two entities, at the source of the beam, though larger in my minds eye, who were clearly monitoring the beam, and discussing that what they were looking for was not found. They seemed distracted by this goal and through this distraction I feel is the reason that I could get a mental image of their conversation while avoiding that type of mental connection being made back to me.

And yes, they were large dark eyed, and gray and looked like the sketches you typically see. Am I influenced by other stories? Am I filling in the details with imagery from previous sightings? Could this have been a strange radio signal from a nearby tower that happened to be particularly strong this evening? All good questions I have asked my self. But I was sober and had not eaten any bad bread. And I am describing what I witnessed, and I am curious if there are other stories of anything similar.