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Occurred : 12/13/2012 20:10 (Entered as : 12/13/2012 20:10)
Reported: 12/15/2012 8:50:14 PM 20:50
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Newton, MA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7-10 minutes
Triangle shaped craft 8:10 pm Eastern standard Time low flying green, red blinking lights

I was walking home and I saw at first what looked like triangular blinking Christmas red and green lights. Then I realized it was in the sky and I thought it was a very low flying triangular plane. We don't have a military base, and I've never seen a plane this low flying (Apart from airport) or triangular almost Ouija shaped. I don't believe in aliens, but this was definitely an unidentified flying object(UFO). It hovered in the sky without a sound.I thought because of the lights I could use my iPhone,but the 4 photos I took didn't come out. I heard a helicopter behind me, but kept looking at the weird UFO. It hovered for a minute more and then "disappeared." Not sure though, could have flown out of view fast.