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Occurred : 11/15/2012 19:00 (Entered as : 11/15/12 19:00)
Reported: 12/15/2012 9:41:04 PM 21:41
Posted: 12/20/2012
Location: Fort Dodge, IA
Shape: Other
Duration:Two nights
Multiple glowing,pulsating orbs move like jellyfish and one metallic cigar shape ufo just over my garage,two nights.

On the night's of 11/15/2012 and 11/16/2012, I as well as numerous other neighbors and friends ( and multiple children) were witness to multiple UFO's. Starting around dusk multiple sphere shaped objects moved into my neighborhood at the level just above the houses. It was clear and still those nights so these objects were clear,close, and unmistakable. There was no wind so it was also completely silent early am as human activities slowed so all was audible. Also at 5:24 am on the 16th one cigar shaped object slowly drifted over causing another witness phone to freeze on this exact minute. These round orb like objects were glowing in a pulsating manor alternating red,blue. They more so drifted in slowly from the west in groups of anywhere from five to two and sometimes single. A group would move from west to east a certain distance then stop just hovering sometimes switching spots with each other in the group in a playful manor. Then the next group would move to a different spot in the sky but would stop also at the same place the others stopped . After several groups did this over hours some groups continued on east going so far then stopping waiting for the next group ect.

Several stayed visible from my yard over the entirety of both nights. Some were higher up than others looking more like stars yet making groups and playfully changing places with eachother in the group or seemingly playing tag moving nearer each other then backing up. Some single orbs would slowly drift across the sky ten or twenty feet then stopping, or moving up and down. Some were seen to "power up" getting increasingly bright till 5 times brighter than the moon then zooming straight up and to the right and would vanish. Some groups would move into formations of triangles and once one triangle formation moved slowly to meet another triangle connecting to form two triangles that were a mirror image of each other but one next to the other touching at one corner.

At the time they were closest to me i was watching in the yard with a friend. It was about five am on the 16th, clear sky and no wind or traffic. It was about 45 degrees outside or so. Many orbs were lower to the ground seeming to be just above the level of my garage and maybe ten feet ahead of us. They would slowly move individually from west to east stopping randomly to hover. When they moved it resembeld how jellyfish move when they swim. A light came from underneath as they went up in the jellyfish like movement. The orb part was glowing in a pulsating manor red,blue. They made no sound. (A constant jet like sound remained in the distance the entirety of both nights) At one point one seemed to move over right above my friends head maybe twenty feet up. I noticed a feeling of overwhelming anxiety which was odd as at this point I has acclaimated to the situation at hand. At 5:24 from the east moving west came a very large silver cigar shaped object that also moved silently across the sky up as high as my two story house. It moved at a steady pace slower than a plane but almost as fast. It had no wings or tail. It seemed to be made of a seamless metal and a dim light was emitted as exhaust from the rear. It always kept an even altitude. It just kept heading west till out of sight. I was called in the am by my friend who awoke to find her cell phone was frozen at that exact time. She had to remove the battery to get any response from the phone.

Over the summer I had noticed some single orbs moving in funny ways and odd glowing stars as well as the constant jet like noise on many occasions so now i am always looking up. Witnesses- I am 32 years old a Registered Nurse, Charge Nurse of Critical Care and a mother of three all of whom saw. My husband 35 a computer IT specialist. My neighbor, a women in her 50's is a CNA, and her son who is early 30's. A mother also a CNA whose husband works installation for our local phone company. My friend early twenties with a high school education. Not sense these two nights have I nor my neighbors seen anything similar and every night i check. I have done much research on astronomy and stars and sky watch often using my Google sky app to help in identification as well as a pro flight tracker showing real time airtraffic.