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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/21/2012 20:15 (Entered as : 12/21/2012 20:15)
Reported: 12/22/2012 1:25:05 AM 01:25
Posted: 2/4/2013
Location: Sugar Land, TX
Shape: Fireball
Duration:25-35 minutes
Multiple sightings of bright, round orange objects within 30 minutes (at different locations).

My wife had just picked up some dinner and on her way back to our house, she noticed bright orange balls behind her car (big enough to notice). She turned around and went back towards the direction of where the objects were. By this time, the objects were now on her right side in the sky. The objects were low but above tree lines. She pulled into a neighborhood and saw 3 similar orange balls in a triangular formation. The objects then disappeared. She drove forward to see if the objects had moved but did not see anything. She called me on my phone at this time. I was around 5 minutes from where she was and drove towards her. She came back to where she was in the neighborhood and saw the objects again. This time there was a man in his car also looking at the objects. My wife asked this man if he was seeing the same thing and he said yes and that he just saw around 9 to 10 objects. When I made it to where my wife was, there was nothing in the sky. After waiting for 5 minutes we drove back towards our house.

On the way back, I looked to my left and saw 2 orange ball like objects in the distance above the tree line. One object looked bigger than the other. Both objects were bigger than anything in the sky but smaller than the moon. I turned around and drove towards the objects but could not spot them. While driving back, I was on a freeway overpass and saw orange lights on my left. I pulled over on the shoulder and saw four to five orange balls shoot up from the ground and disappear within seconds. The objects appeared to shoot up from the ground. The area was in the middle of a couple of TV towers. That was the last sighting.