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Occurred : 1/8/2013 19:50 (Entered as : 0/8/2013 19:50)
Reported: 1/9/2013 4:43:03 PM 16:43
Posted: 2/4/2013
Location: Vestal, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2-3 minutes
Triangle aircraft in Vestal, NY

I am a Army Vet, age 34, single mother of 3 children (ages 13,8,7).

Last night, The children and I were driving home from my parents house. The sky was over cast and no moon or stars. I saw a big red glow in the woods and thought it was a house fire. We went to check it out and saw a aircraft with 3 lights in a perfect triangle shape. Lights were red blue and white. The craft was as big as a tennis court. It took a few quick spins around and lifted up over the trees. It was about a football feild away from our car. It was moving about 10 mph and was wobbling. It was above a cow pasture and when our car got closer it started flying faster and the blue and white lights turned off. The red light turned toward us and it moved across the road into a hay feild, flying with the flat of the triangle foward. As soon as it crossed over all the lights came back on. It flew fast but still wobbling across the feild and up over the trees. We drove the car to catch up with it. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we saw it again, fly over the highwa! y and over the river and back in the trees on the other side and the last we saw it. There was no sound , no windows and not anything I could ever imagion seeing.

This morning, I drove back to the same location to see if I could find any markings or limbs down, but it was hard to say because I really didn't feel like getting out and walking in the snow. I stopped and talked to the farmer of the property and he said he saw strange lights behind his barn last night around 10am. He at first thought someone was messing around but soon got scared because it was so strange. Behind the barn is where the cows are fenced in. And behind the barn is a field and tree line. He didnt think any cows were missing.

Tonight, I called the vestal police department. They took it very seriously. The police said there have been many reports this month from vestal . He said even some police have witnessed strange aircrafts. The officer talked to me for almost 25 min.