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Occurred : 10/21/2012 03:33 (Entered as : 10/21/12 03:33)
Reported: 1/22/2013 4:51:36 PM 16:51
Posted: 2/4/2013
Location: Lafayette, LA
Shape: Formation
Duration:5-7 minutes
I am looking for an explanation to why would something so big not built by human intelligence

It was around 3:33a.m. in the morning after falling to sleep watching television. Ancient Aliens on the History Channel was the last show of this sort of interest that I remember watching around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. that night. I get exited about ufos and once it's is on the air of television I can't put my fork down. lol I woke up out of a dream (can't really remember exactly what it pertained to but, I, at the time was really back infatuated with the paranormal events that were occuring accross America. I got off of my sofa and kept thinking about what it would be like walking on a battlefield where the U.S. would be in a sort of intense battle with E.T.s in spaceships you would see maybe in a dream or vision. I walked to the spacious ground area which was about 1 acre or so in length and 3/4 of a football field wide. My imagination is vivid and wide most of the time so I felt ok to see landed spaceships and pretend thing were flying in the night sky. Don't know for sure if I really saw something around there but it definitly was capturing and frightening. I got a little too scared so I said I'm going back inside. Didn't look back at all into the sky until I got up the stairs by my apartment and felt something in my atmosphere. [Thank God I just got an extension on this computer] I sort of felt curious so I.....started using see if I could get whatever I was sensing to reveal itself to me. I knew it wasn't a spirit so I'm not sitting up in my little leaky, dark, and lonely apartment by myself without being sure I would be at least absolutely safe.

Well, the moment got intense and once again that definite....feeling of unsurety hit me. Harder than my first encounter. I looked at the dish network sattelite, looked behind it into the sky, something told me to turn my entire body to the right and look up above the apt. building accross from me and quietly; w/ a syncronized....effort we connected with one another. 3 ! immensely, sleek, yet most emormous...floating like...with no ! gravitat ional pull and it took so long to disappear I took a comfortable position of facing it just to see what it was doing or going to do. It was in a formation of three; two side by side in the front of the formation and in the middle between the front two yet behind. In formation like a Navy division in ranks marching. The formation came up to a huge cloud big enough to cover all three objects. The front of the formation vanished behind the clouds like expected because I don't think ufos or extraterrestials want to...really be seen but expecting the unexpected the last one....IT NEVER DISAPPEARED. It's intense,.....BLINDING light shined through this dark gray early a.m. cloud like it never traveled behind anything and stayed there. I was soooo scared to where I was gonna go inside at this point in time in fear of some sort of (God forgive me for saying) possible undetectable attack. Still I waited. It sat behind the gray cloudfor about 30 seconds. And then it disappeared. Like i! t was never there and all I could do is stand there in awe and fright. I got this ufo website out of Dr. Lynne D. Kitei's book "The Phoenix Lights" and used it in hopes of getting in contact with her or someone who is employed with connection to this website who is experienced with people have post effects from close encounters on any kind. Because these sightings have effectson my still.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))