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Occurred : 1/29/2013 19:00 (Entered as : 01/29/13 19:00)
Reported: 1/29/2013 5:46:34 PM 17:46
Posted: 2/4/2013
Location: Smithville, TX
Shape: Other
Duration:30 seconds
What was that?

A storm was moving in. Since it was dark out, I wanted to go out and look at the sky to see if there was that eerie 'tornado' color. I was in my back yard and looked to the SE a first. Then I noticed a glowing - kind of like lightning bugs - to the due east in the neighbors tree.

At first I thought it was just a flash from the (at that time) distant lightning, then from the corner of my left eye, I realized it was still there. We still had no rain, just far off lightning. I decided to pay more attention to the 'light' coming from the tree.

All I can say is I was not drunk, smoking or otherwise impaired, and JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE I was giggling at my fiancee to the stories he believes in when it comes to UFO's. That is of utmost importance for me to explain!! Any way... I looked to the tree and at first thought it was a cluster of lightning bugs. Then I realized they do not cluster in such a way. Then I realized they colors were more of an amber light, not of the 'typical' green glow associated with lightning bugs.

As I was thinking the above, suddenly I saw one get brighter then the rest and appeared more of a yellow color. Just above that-about 3 seconds later, there was a bright red with a slight white around it. I then went to run into my house to get my fiancee so I had another set of eyes, to only realize he had left to go to the store before the storm hit.

I ran (quickly, oh how fast I ran! back outside and the wind gusted pretty good at this point and the 'shape' seemed to jump down a branch in the tree. Another larger gust came and just as fast the 'ball/grouping' of light went up, then SE, then straight E as if a bird.

The entire shape couldn't have been any bigger than the average jay bird-bit it was GLOWING again as if a group of lightning bugs-but the red light was in the lead, as if the head... the above colors and moved as if a bird... but I know of NO BIRD on land that not only glows, but flies at NIGHT.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ALIENS... but I KNOW what I saw! I was in clear mind! I keep looking out the window begging for the colors to come back to no avail.