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Occurred : 9/13/2009 21:00 (Entered as : 09/13/09 21:00)
Reported: 2/7/2013 7:42:21 AM 07:42
Posted: 2/18/2013
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Oval
Amberish orb 20-30,000 ft above the night sky in Lincoln Park area Chicago, IL Sept' 2009.

On Sunday September 13, 2009, at approximately 9:00 PM, I and a few friends witnessed a hovering object high up in the night sky within the Chicago city limits, on the north side, Lincoln Park area.

One hour after first spotting this object, I managed to take a picture using my 5MP camera phone with auto flash. We watched this stationary object just sit idle in free air.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to take the picture because I didn't believe my friends who were outside watching it for an hour. I stayed inside the house.

Object's Position They said that it was a lot closer to the earth before I decided to go outside and view. So the image I took was basically its very, very slow ascent back up into the stars. Even though we were in downtown Chicago, it was a pretty starry night with some stratus clouds high up, but the only thing you can see in this picture is the brilliant amber-red spherical object.

You don't see the stars in the picture, just the red object. I tried magnifying the view of the object, but of course it's blurry. I really need to share this story with someone credible if this helps us understand the big picture of things.

Objects Ruled Out I'm not saying that what I saw was a UFO, but I can say that I have never seen any type of flying or floating vehicle, or weather condition, planet, satellite or lightning like the thing I saw that night.

I'm so glad I was able to capture it when I did, because I was shaking and tried to grasp some kind of reasonable explanation for what I saw, but nothing came to mind. I want to share with you my experience and photo if you are interested.

This is a real image. You have to zoom to the red speck at the center. This was taken at my friends place in the Lincoln Park subdivision of Chicago, the night of Sept. 13, 2009 during the Bears/Green Bay week 1 game at 9:00pm CST.

This object appeared right around halftime facing the northwest horizon and much lower in elevation. It stayed stationary, never changing direction. I finally took this picture at approximately 10:00 PM.

Object Hovers What you see is something I and a few friends can't explain.

Outside the house my buddies were first to notice this thing around 9:00 PM. They kept telling us to come out and watch this thing floating in the air and not moving. We didn't believe him so we just kept watching the game inside.

I finally gave in and went out to their backyard and witnessed what they were watching. I could not offer any explanation to what I saw. The following are things I have ruled out that this wasn't: -No aircraft (blimp, balloon, helicopter, airplane) -No comet, star or planet.

-No low earth orbiting satellite Spherical in Appearance I could not decipher any shape of the object. It looked spherical, and I couldn't tell if there were more than one. It was definitely higher in elevation than the Sears Tower. I'd say approximately more than 5,000 to 10,000 feet.

My first reaction was to call someone miles away from our location just to verify the same unexplainable thing in the night sky. Of course, nobody would answer their phone because they were probably watching the game. I really wish I took video but I was actually shaking, because I was kind of excited to see this thing.

It was amazing and frightened to watch. I still want to believe that it was man-made, but my gut tells me that it's not, nor a natural phenomena