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Occurred : 8/6/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 08/06/2012 21:00)
Reported: 2/28/2013 8:30:21 PM 20:30
Posted: 3/3/2013
Location: Miami, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 hour
5 individuals see Huge 300 ft Craft about 50 feet away for one hour. Could throw rock and hit it.

Early August 2012: Large Craft seen by 5 individuals I submitted the two earlier sightings to MUFON and to the National UFO Reporting Center. I did not submit this following report because I believed that it was so unbelievable. I only told this story to Mary Margaret Zimmer of the Miami MUFON when she visited me in late August of 2012 but to no other authority.

I have been thinking about this event EVERY DAY since I saw it. The most important item to retain in this quick summary is that I specifi-cally called this object-- it did not just mysteriously appear.

After my wife saw the large UFO craft on July 8, 2012, I started to seriously begin my research on UFOs and paranormal issues. I purchased numerous books from Amazon and spent all my free time on the internet. I learned that many individuals (Steven Greer, Prophet Yahweh, and many others, call UFOS and then record videos of these objects.

On a cloud covered night in the first week of August of 2012, at about 9 PM, a friend of mine called me and informed me that he was coming by and dropping off some of his traffic tickets. I am an attorney and had previously told him that I will write up No Contest Motions to resolve these tickets for him. He said he was close by and would be at my home in minutes. I decided to wait for him outside.

I live in a large cul-de-sac with only 3 houses. My neighborhood has large yards and is very quiet. It was dark and very cloudy. I then decided to "play a game." I remembered the Steven Greer and Prophet Yahweh videos and started to consciously wish to see the large multi-colored UFO craft my wife saw on July 8th to appear in front of me just like it did for her. Approximately every 2-3 minutes I turned around 360 degrees to see if I saw anything. I did this for about 15 minutes. Just when I was ready to give up, I saw this huge object on top of my neighbor’s back yard extending approximately 200-300 feet back.

The object was not a solid object. It was made up mostly of thousands of streaks of circular or oblong shaped white thin lights. It appeared to me that I saw two possibly three distinct outlines formed by the oblong perimeters of these white light streaks. One circular object nearest to me was partially covered by the palm trees in front of my neighbor’s house. This smaller oblong object was connected to a much larger oblong object as formed by the perimeter of these light streaks. There appeared to be hundreds of swirls of circular white light streaks all inside of this object.

The object was positioned at a horizontal position rising at approximately a 15 degree incline. It was positioned at about an 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock format. It was about 50 feet from the bottom of the backyard of my neighbor’s house to the bottom of this object. It is difficult to determine its height but I would say that the object was about 100-200 feet in its height. I was clearly very long, I would say at least 300 feet in length. (Attached are Exhibits 4, 5, 6, 7 which are drawings done by myself, my 10 year old daughter, my friend Luis, and his Wife Sandra).

I then started yelling for my daughter to come outside. My daughter had just turned 10 years old. She had told my wife and I that both she and I had seen UFOs and she wanted to see one as well. After about 1 minute of yelling outside her bedroom she came out and asked me “what was that”? I told her that I did not know but believed it was a UFO in “hiding”. She just looked at the object in amazement.

After about 2-3 minutes of observing this object, my friend, Luis, who is 48 years old, his wife, who is 52 years old, and the daughter of his wife who is 17 years old drove up to my house. Both Luis and his wife were trained as engineers in their native countries. Luis is a conservative Catholic who was raised in Mexico. He goes to Catholic Mass every Sunday and participates in various ministries. He never believed in UFOS. Both he and his wife were shocked and constantly asked me “what is that”. We all tired to come up with logical explanations but we clearly could not come up with one that adequately explained this phenomenon. We all doubted whether this was indeed a UFO and discussed that it must be some type of large light “anomaly”.

Suddenly, all throughout the inside of the object, star light objects started to flicker on and off, flashing on and off in a fraction of a second. I was surreal. I believed that because we started to doubt this object, it wanted to put on a show for us to demonstrate to us that in fact it was very “real”. It indeed was surreal. We were not scared but instead started yelling— “look at that, look over there”—pointing to the stars bursting all over the different parts of the craft. It was clearly putting on a show for us, or at least that was my impression.

After about 15 minutes, my friends said they had to go and they drove off. About 5 minutes later I believed that mosquitoes were biting me and I told my daughter that it was time to go inside because the mosquitoes were killing us. In fact, my daughter told me later that there were no mosquitoes out that night. After about one half hour later, I “woke up” and realized what a fool I was for just walking away from a scenario that should have been the front story of Time Magazine and every media outlet around the world if I had captured it on video. I ran outside with my video and digital cameras but the huge UFO craft was gone.

The ironic part was that about a month before this event, after my wife saw the huge multi-colored UFO outside our house, I purchased a large telescope, a night vision CCTV camera with adapters to attach this camera to the telescope, an old used SONY camcorder with the old night vision technology and a digital camera with high powered zoom for night shots. I said to myself “the next time my wife or I see these objects we will be prepared to capture them on video and on camera so no one would doubt us”. We know what we saw and they were real. “Next time we are going to prove it.” The irony was that it never even entered my mind to take any of these newly purchased items out and take a video or a picture. About 30 minutes after I entered my house with my daugthter, I came to my senses and ran out with my camera and my SONY video but the UFO had disappeared. I now have been educated through my various readings that I was “instructed” to go inside and not to take any videos or pictures. I have learned that various individuals having “close encounters” have experienced similar responses— our minds were totally controlled.

Since that first week of August of 2012, my wife and I have not seen any other UFOs or similar objects either inside or outside our home. Every day I think about what I saw and have become compulsive over these sightings and these visions have affected my work performance and my outlook on life, our role in our universe, and our relationship as spirits with God. I am a changed person.

SUMMARY Previous to these events, my wife and I have never seen UFOS or other similar objects in our life.

My wife is not bothered by these events because she is very religious and thinks that these visions were messengers from God. I, on the other hand, have been “freaked out”. I started doing research on the subject of UFOs, joined MUFON, ordered and read about 30 UFO books, listen daily to Coast to Coast, etc, etc. I never even knew that these radio programs or UFO organizations existed. I am now consumed by the subject. I need to find some answers and some closure because my wife says that I became obsessed with this issue.

Finally, I am an attorney with the IRS in Miami, FL and my wife was trained as a physical therapist and is a stay-at-home mom. As I stated earlier, I have various advanced professional degrees in addition to my legal training. We live in an upper middle class neighborhood in the Killian area of Miami, Florida. We have lead normal dull lives until recently. Now I am consumed with my visions and spend most of my free time on the internet, reading books about UFOs, alien abductions, consciousness studies, Near Death Experiences, paranormal and spiritualist literature, Buddhism, past life regression literature, etc, etc. Over the last year I have purchased and read over 100 books on these subjects and have recently ordered about 30 more. My wife thinks that I have become compulsive and totally consumed by my new pursuits and I tend to agree.

I have just recently returned from my first MUFON meeting in Miami, FL and have a recommendation for the MUFON investigators. Instead of solely relying on “purely scientific” techniques and tools-- the principle approach which was conveyed to the audience— I believe that the key to solving this UFO riddle is to focus on our minds-- our complex “consciousness”, our complex psychic abilities.

The fields of parapsychology, involving the decade long studies by Drs. Harold Putoff and Russel Targ at Stanford and Dr. Robert Jahn at Princeton, in addition to the new “consciousness studies” involving Dr. Edgar Mitchell and his Institute of Noetic Sciences, as well as the hundreds of other “Consciousness Studies” academics that publish in the Journal of Consciousness Studies, provide the keys to “understanding” this phenomenon. I also recommend that everyone read materials from these authors in addition to the rarely discussed book entitled “The Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century”, edited by Dr. Edward Kelly of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia.

I know that I “invited” the entities of this craft to come “visit” me and that the “entities” in this craft made their “appearance” upon my “invitation”. The key to solving the UFO quagmire is inside our own mind and spirit. My latest event leads me to conclude that my mind, and other fellow human minds, are powerful and neglected instruments with powerful communication abilities.

UFOs may not be from other planets in our universe. They may be entities from a neighboring dimension as described in modern quantum physics. It is very difficult to get a grasp what is going on with UFOs if one solely focuses on the “scientific method”. The scientific method was developed to describe our physical universe and it does not adequately describe paranormal activities.

Science has nothing to do with paranormal phenomena. Science is based on the scientific method of discovery and experimentation. The scientific method of discovery was devised for studying things in the physical universe. Thus, when we are dealing with concepts outside of the physical universe-- things like the paranormal, UFOs, alien abductions, etc-- we are dealing with concepts outside of the physical universe and thus the scientific method breaks down. New methods and techniques of investigation have to be developed to study this phenomenon, and if we do not, the future UFO investigators will remain clueless. We are now just starting to “academically” explore the universe of possibilities beyond our physical senses to help explain what is “consciousness” and various paranormal activities. In my opinion, we need to be able to investigate beyond our physical sense of reality and it is this new methodology that will provide a logical avenue to address the riddle of solving the UFO phenomenon.