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Occurred : 3/2/2013 21:10 (Entered as : 03/02/2013 21:10)
Reported: 3/2/2013 9:41:53 PM 21:41
Posted: 3/3/2013
Location: Brandon, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Amber lights moving around and then disappeared.

At around 9:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, my son and I witnessed 7 amber or golden colored lights in the sky. We were facing East on Doe Ct in Brandon, FL. The Amber lights were bigger than a star maybe double the size. I am unsure of the height but they appeared to be flying high enough for a plane. There were 7 in total. 6 of the lights were on the right and were lined up and the 7th was on the left moving to the right towards the 6th other lights.

The 6 lights appeared to move into a triangular shape and up and down. I do not remember the exact times that they made the shapes but they appeared to form a triangle and a diamond like shape. The movements were purposeful and deliberate. The lights then disappeared.

I called a friend and went into my home and came back out and realized the 7 lights were back again. This time they were closer together. They appeared to be moving up and down. The time was 9:15 PM.

A neighbor was putting things in their car and I asked him if he knew what the lights were. He looked at the lights and was very unsure of what they were and asked a few other neighbors to come out to witness them.

All together 5 of my neighbors stood looking at the lights baffled. After about a few minutes the lights disappeared.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and she seemed to us to a quite capable and reliable witness. PD))