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Occurred : 3/6/2013 19:15 (Entered as : 03/06/2013 19:15)
Reported: 3/6/2013 8:26:54 PM 20:26
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Katy, TX
Shape: Diamond
Duration:20-30 minutes
Saw 10 noiseless UFO's that changed from an orange ball to a white ball to a diamond shaped craft traveling in a straight line.

I was outside just after dark with my kids and noticed a strange round white light in the distance toward the small airport near my house(it would also be the direction toward NASA's Johnson Space Center but I have no idea how far they had traveled or if they were visible before I saw them). The area where we live is just off FM 1093 heading west out of Katy, and although it is growing fast, it is still dark enough to see quite a few stars and some planets most nights.

At first, I thought it was Venus but after a couple of minutes watching it, I realized it was much too large and bright. Around this time I first noticed it slowly moving. The first thing I noticed was that it was moving way too slowly to be an airplane and it also seemed much lower than the planes we normally see. Living next to an small local airport for the last six years, small planes above our house are quite commonplace as well as commercial jetliners out of Houston-Hobby.

After it had moved closer, another orange light appeared some distance behind the first. As it came closer the bright white light on the first went out but was replaced by flashing colored lights on the left, rear, and right points of what at first I thought was a backwards triangle. Around this same time the 2nd orange light turned into a white light exactly like the first.

So now there is a black triangle/diamond(?) shaped craft, making no noise, tracking slowly across the sky heading NW. At about the time the 1st passed over my neighborhood, the bright light on 2nd changed exactly as the 1st had changed. There was also another hovering white light by this time in the original location and another seperate orange (4 craft total at this point). All were tracking the same straight path and were maybe 1/4 - 1/2 mile apart in the sky. All went through the same sequence of ball-of-light to noiseless-black-triangle. All moved much slower than a normal large jet out of hobby and they seemed to be much larger and lower to the ground than one of Hobby's jets as well.

My 6 yr old son saw them and said that they were UFO's. I told him they were probably military and I think I probably still believed this at the time. Around this time I noticed that my neighbor across the street was on his porch talking to another neighbor. I knew my wife would never believe me and I didn't think my cell phone would take very convincing pictures so the kids and I went across the street. There were several kids in their front yard that my son knew, so while he and his sister played with them, I asked them if they had seen the crazy lights.

They said no and I realized that they couldn't see the bright white lights from their yard for my house. Just as I was about to say the heck with it, one of the diamond/triangles came over exactly as the ones my son and I had seen. I pointed at it and my neighbor immediately said, "That's no plane, it's shaped like a diamond.' The angle from his yard or the lighting must have been different a little bit different because now I could clearly see that it did have four corners although the front corner did not have the same flashing lights as the other three corners. Now I could also see a bulge in the center of the craft on the bottom and maybe the top had a bulge as well (thought I couldn't be sure).

All three of us saw the exact same thing as another three craft went over. All three of us were basically the same demographically: in our forties with kids about the same ages. Two or three of the older kids also saw it. One of my neighbors was convinced it was one of the drones that have been in the news lately. I think they were far to big to be drones.

We went home and I got the kids in bed. My wife's brother called and i walked out into the backyard to talk to him. At this time 3 more came along the same straight line(for a total of 10) exhibiting almost the same behavior as the first 7 with one exception. Numbers 8 and 9, as they passed over my house, seemed to either speed up very rapidly just as they passed over my roof or perhaps they went dark. Whatever the reason, I could not track them on the other side of my house as i had been able to with all the others.

The last one was the slowest and lowest of them all. Since 8 and 9 had disappeared, i ran into the front yard just as 10 was flying over and I watched it for several minutes until it was just a dot on the NW horizon.

I have never seen anything like this before, although I have read several books and watched quite a few tv shows on the UFO phenomenon. I probably would have never posted this though, if it weren't for the fact that on Feb 4 of this year, here in Katy, someone else reported seeing 10 noiseless balls of light tracking in a straight line. Maybe someone out there knows something about these sightings or another similiar one and will post something else.

A couple more random observations: One of the objects might have had a low noise (nothing like a jet) and another of the objects while it was still a ball appeared to emit some sort of lighted hazy fog (electrical discharge?) right before it changed to the diamond-shape.