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Occurred : 3/14/2013 20:50 (Entered as : 03/14/13 20:50)
Reported: 3/15/2013 2:36:32 AM 02:36
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Garden Grove, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:90 minutes
small orbs dif speeds&direction,5bigorbs,lessActivity. 2LARGE crafts,scaled sky dominantly & reappeared only a few times

watching Disneyland fireworks in our front yard, noticed a light like what looks like an aircraft coming in from a distance. after seeing one we began to pay attention to its surroundings. the sky was dark, moon was clear, many stars visible, very few clouds, we scanned above the tops of houses & trees & instantly noticed what looked like stars..only they were moving and strobing. they would be bright strobes/pulses and faded in brightness. we went inside to research online, went back out 15minutes later & noticed there were MANY surrounding the whole sky, some were stationary, some would travel horizontally then move up or down almost straight vertical. we noticed two of these orbs that were "chasing" each other keeping the same speed and distance. these ones at one point also had a third appear lower in the sky that headed upwards to join them. these orbs were different colors-white, orange, red, light blue; some went in different directions; som! e solo; others unisom. others seemed to be jolting at bigger objects. there were bigger amber colored circles that had a glow to them that didn't have much movement.. some of the smaller ones would go fast towards them and appear to go just above & below. the bigger orb would slowly move to our right and become stationary in a spot not too far from where it started until the smaller ones seemed to agitate it again & would move to the left back to where it originally was. anytime these smaller orbs would be by themselves moving in any direction at a faster rate than the majority, we noticed a few minutes later in the same path a straight, thin, faded white cloud in a single line. we also noticed what seemed to be an oversized white airplane, no sound move across the had lights that lit up and illuminated the craft at the back and front end. there were two bright white lights, like headlights, at the side of the back end and one on what would be the side of the nose o! f an airplane. this circled our sky, crossed the moon & disapp! eared pa rallel to where we first saw it. sometime after we noticed the moon was no longer seen in the sky a little later where it had disappeared we saw another big craft rounded rectangle that had red & blue lights almost like a police helicopter. it went to our right very smoothly in pace, and then stopped almost instantly and immediately went back to the left but was then only flashing red lights. once it went left to its origin, it would fade or go low to where we couldn't see... this craft would show up every 10minutes or so and do the same pattern except I did not see it change from red. we also saw what normally i would have considered a shooting star but it didn't so much fall as it was much more horizontal. there was a weird glow in one area of the sky and a sepia colored fog progressively started to roll in from that direction.. the sky was covered in a dim fog that removed all visibility of any objects or even stars, half hour later we went back out and the sky would b! e clearing in big areas of focus and no further objects were positively seen, but we did catch some flashes that caught our attention, nothing was absolute as it had been. video was recorded during this.. a lot was caught on camera, but there were also times that we could see with our eyes, the auto focus box on the screen would follow, but nothing was visible besides the black sky. one of my husbands videos, which we shot & viewed recording just as we were seeing, ended up playing back almost cartoonist, where the orbs were distorted and warped with brighter colors that I could best describe as when you look at flames, how there's almost a gas above the bright flame that warps and waves what you would see in the background... I would also like to add that we could hear rumbling almost like a train in the distance would sound that would come and go, it would even at times get so creep-ily silent.. I've lived in this house for almost 26 years, this was definitely NOT normal