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Occurred : 3/13/2013 01:00 (Entered as : 03/13/13 1:00)
Reported: 3/14/2013 5:27:05 PM 17:27
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Florien, LA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:25 minutes
Large triangle object about an acre to acre and half in size hovering above trees ..stationary

I was watching television when the dog started barking at around one o’clock A.M. .

I got up and went outside several times thinking it was an animal or passing motorist on the road out front of my house , not seeing anything. About twenty minutes had passed when I went outside again to check the noise when I heard a very low humming sound , also had a turbo engine sound.

I looked down towards the end of my drive way when I noticed lights just above the tree line. I found my flashlight and walked to see what it was. It was what appeared to be a black triangle with lights hovering about fifty feet above the trees. The object was about an acre and a half in size , I could hear the low humming sound as well as a low sound turbo engine sound , it had lights all the way around the sides and as well as the bottom not sure how many . It appeared a black metallic , as well it appeared to have multiple floors to it , I assume two by the way it looked.

It was stationary and the lights did not blink, they were continuously lighted . I stood watching the object for about fifteen minutes while dog continued to go crazy barking. Then suddenly three round white circles came from the bottom and started traveling through the woods in what appeared a grid. I then put my flashlight back on the triangle object and my batteries went dead.

I walked back to my house to get a camcorder to film the object but like the flashlight the battery which was fully charged went dead as well. At that time I never saw the three white lights again. The object slowly started traveling a north by northwest direction very , very slowly. The engine sound did not increase, the object was headed toward Toledo Bend lake just over the tree line.

I then went to get my car to follow the object , I followed it about three miles to a marina on Toledo Bend lake. It slowly went across the lake until out of site. Having worked at Fort Polk military base I assumed it might have been some type military plane. I was heavy equipment operator at Fort Polk and had regular unrestricted access to the airport and I have never saw anything like that.

My dad had seen what he described as a similar object in the same location in 1997. He often talked about it and I would be like “sure” . I have seen the white lights before in the woods around my house on numerous occasions , no sound . The lights are not car lights, the booger man or bigfoot.

I know what I saw but I do not know what it was. Working at the military base I have seen lots of aircraft but nothing that could stay stationary like the triangle object was doing . I did not call the police because I did not want to seem crazy . I was clear that night about forty two degrees.Also that night there were lots of jets in the air coming from the Fort Polk circling above the object at around twenty five hundred feet . I would estimate five to six jets