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Occurred : 3/13/2013 13:30 (Entered as : 03/13/13 13:30)
Reported: 3/13/2013 10:55:16 AM 10:55
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Ellington, CT
Shape: Unknown
Duration:~10 minutes
Orbs formation flying

1:30pm till 1:40pm March 13, 2013 Route 30 Ellington Connecticut I was outside have a smoke, clear warm day first in a while, no clouds in the sky, i was watching 2 planes pass over head when i noticed something, my first thought was birds, but it didn't feel right, given the color an altitude and the area, it appeared as 4 white orbs floating, more like balloons then birds, i'me used to seeing hawks up high circling. However hawks in this area are brown and redish tinted not white, next thought what about seagulls, rarely common in this area though a possbility but that didn't sit right either, way to high up to be either hawk or seagul, even private owned prop planes from nearby ellington airport do not fly at that altitude, that and i can normally determine it's a hawk by the wing span, which no wings were present and giving the distance between us if it were a hawk given their size i should not be able to see them as clearly as i did. during the duration of this, most of the time they appeared to playing in a diamond or square form! ation while swopping in corner to corner doing passes, this is when i ruled out birds and planes, it didn't seem as though they stopped, to signify they were turning while gliding, but rather they just instantly went in reverese, they did how ever seem to be drifting, it did not appear as though they were flying in a direction but drifting all the while rising higher. I will not rule out the fact that maybe i simply saw birds at high altitude will also leave the option open that if they were birds they were not in any notion flying in a manor that i am used to seeing them, nor the fact that after they had risen to a point in which i could no longer see them, i waited to see if they would come back down to such a level that i could, in which they did not.