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Occurred : 3/25/2013 01:00 (Entered as : 3/25/2013 1:00)
Reported: 3/27/2013 9:38:56 AM 09:38
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Tavares, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 hour
oval with ball of orange light in middle/balls of lights doing figure 8's/ planes or helicopters fly to where they were.

My friend and I were outside talking and i saw an orange slightly pulsing light. It flew directly over us. I could make out what it looked like. It was oval shaped, ball of light in the middle, it looked like the ball of light was the cockpit. The front stuck further out from the middle. The back was almost flat with very dim exhaust. The back was also orange. After it flew over a second one followed 30 seconds in between. They were dead silent. When one got closer to the other they got brighter and took off. I then rushed home to look out my backyard. When i did i saw the same two orange lights head to the other side of my lake. They then descended into the forest for about 3-5 minutes. Then one of them flew back up and hovered there for another 5 minutes. Then i look to my left and see another one descend from some clouds. It was flashing orange, green, blueish purple, and then went only orange and shot across the sky and joined the other lights. They star! ted doing figure eights, coming in close the n spreading really far apart over and over again. Then going up and down and changing places with each other. Then i see what looked like airplanes and or helicopters head that direction and the lights take off in a second with a trail of light behind them. I saw this same thing when i was a little kid. I was standing on the sidewalk with a friend and heard a screeching noise. We looked up to see a bright orange light coming down right above us. It then sat there quietly and shot off over our town in a second with a trail of light behind it.