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Occurred : 3/31/2013 22:15 (Entered as : 03/31/2013 22:15)
Reported: 4/1/2013 9:39:52 AM 09:39
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Orange, TX
Shape: Formation
Duration:7 seconds
Fast moving formation of ten UFO's.

April 1, 2013 I usually go outside to stargaze before I go to bed. Last night was no different. As soon as I walked outside and looked up I saw a “shooting star” go right over me heading south. I was amazed at how bright and clear the stars were, this is very unusual here in SE Texas. I went back inside the house to get my binoculars. I came back out and was focusing on the star Alnath, in Taurus. I was facing SW. This star was just below Jupiter and was very red, it also appeared to be twinkling and changing colors. Most of the stars appeared to be twinkling and changing colors. I had just focused on this star when something flew right through my line of sight.

I immediately looked for it and focused on a formation of ten flying objects flying in a V formation. They did not have any lights on making them difficult to follow, and they were moving very fast. I do not know how fast they were traveling. I counted seven seconds from horizon to horizon. My “horizon” is within a pool courtyard surrounded by a house. The objects were travelling E-NE. The formation changed from a standard V. I have attached my drawing for a description.

The colors of these flying objects were very close to desert camouflage (tan, brownish gray). Their shape was an irregular four sided polygon, with the shorter side being in the front, resembling a triangle with the top cut off. I could barely make out other shapes and impressions; there is an attached drawing of this as well.

I realize this description is very similar to military aircraft, but here are some differences that stand out. There was absolutely no sound, except for traffic on the freeway that is about a mile away. There was no wind that I could tell, and I waited after I could no longer see the aircraft for any mechanical sounds, and there was nothing. There were no lights coming from these objects, nothing blinking or glowing or spotting. Finally, my perception of the speed they were moving is faster than anything I’ve ever seen.

This is not the first UFO I have ever seen, it the second I have seen in Texas. The first UFO I ever saw was in Brussels, Belgium in 1990.

I am a 41 year old single mom currently finishing my degree in child psychology. I live with and help care for my aging parents. I am not originally from Texas, I moved here from Cape Cod, MA. to be closer to my family. I have done extensive travelling in my life, and saw my first UFO while living overseas. I have been an avid stargazer ever since.

Thank you for for providing a forum for me to share my sightings.