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Occurred : 3/30/2013 20:40 (Entered as : 03/30/13 20:40)
Reported: 3/31/2013 8:22:40 PM 20:22
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Azusa, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 minute
Many orange lights over the freeway In Azusa CA

I was driving on the freeway to work on Saturday March 30, 2013 at about 8:40 pm in Azusa CA, driving at normal speed I came around a turn I could see about a half a mile in front of me in full view many orange lights low in the sky just above the freeway. My first thought is that it was military and that it looked like an invasion or attack just because of the number of orange lights and how low there were. Then I realized that this in no way could be military, there were no flashing red or blue lights that would distinguish one of our aircrafts. The orange lights seemed to be hovering or suspended in mid air but it seemed like they were all moving together at a slow crawling speed. What came to my mind then was the Phoenix Arizona lights in 1997. I had a feeling of fear and amazement I knew that what I was seeing was something amazing. It was so shocking and so incredible that all traffic on both sides of the freeway slowed down drastically (from about 70 ! mph to about 20 mph). I could tell everyone was looking at the lights trying to see what they were. I have never seen anything like this before and it's hard to explain exactly what I saw because there are no words to explain what exactly was in the sky. I would guess there was approximately 20 lights but possibly more. The lights took up a space of about 1/4 a mile long. At first I thought that each light was an individual aircraft, but the more I looked at the lights I realized that the lights all lined up perfectly and geometrically together, the angles each light were to one another was mathematically prefect, and they moved in unison together that it could mean that this possibly was one huge aircraft in the sky and not many small ones flying in a formation which is what I initially thought. It was flying too low for it to be any aircraft I have ever seen. If I could guess I would say the object/aircraft was about a building's length high in the sky maybe about 20 or 3! 0 stories up from the ground. I have seen helicopters low but ! this was to big and moved too slow to be a helicopter. Since this object/ aircraft was flying directly over the freeway, and the fact that traffic slowed down so much as we got closer to the object; I was able to look directly up at it from my windshield and I could not see any kind of shape or mass of an object/objects, all I saw was just orange lights suspended gracefully in the sky. So hypothetically if this was one huge craft it was possibly camouflaged with the nights sky. The only other aircraft lights I could see near by in the sky was LAX traffic miles away in the horizon which is visible in Azusa and the San Gabriel Valley. That is the only air traffic close by where planes would be flying low but Azusa is too far from LAX and the path the planes take to land at LAX. I wish I would have taken a picture or video of these lights since it was so close to me and I was driving slow enough to capture it, but my phone camera was not working. So instead I called my boyfriend and wa! s in hysterics telling him that I am seeing the most incredible thing in the sky but I can't tell what it was and I did my best in the moment explain to him what I was seeing. He was amazed and could tell I had just seen something not only amazing but indescribable. I have already found a video on youtube of another witness who saw what I saw, but they were a bit further from it. I have done research via the internet and have found that Azusa is prone to UFO sightings. I have not contacted the city of Azusa or the authorities about this event, but I might just to see if anyone else has reported the lights that I saw. I am a very open-minded but logical person, but this event is something I have never experienced before and it has really effected me. It has changed my perspective completely about UFO and UFO sightings, I don't think I could ever forget about it.