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Occurred : 3/25/2013 20:30 (Entered as : 03/25/13 20:30)
Reported: 4/2/2013 6:50:00 PM 18:50
Posted: 4/12/2013
Location: Waldorf, MD
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
A hovering black triangle in a snow storm


Recently I saw something unexplainable, on March 24th, at approx. 8:30pm, I was in Waldorf, Maryland, driving on Mattawoman-Beantown Rd in moderate snowfall, when I saw lights that appeared to be a small plane landing with its landing lights and I saw a red blinking light, although I thought I was weird because there is no airport near there, as I drove further up the road I noticed that it was hovering and not flying, I thought surely its a helicopter and I must have mistook the search light for landing lights.

As we drove under the object, I could clearly see a Black Triangle with three red lights on the bottom that alternated flashing in a clockwise motion, no two light were on simultaneously, also there was a light at each corner that resembled a car's headlights but searching in a sweeping motion. I exclaimed WHAT IS THAT! My 13 yo son stopped playing his tablet and looked at the object and said "Wow that is weird"… As we drove down the street the object stay pe! rfectly still until we drove out of view. My girlfriend who was driving could not see the object as it was above the passenger side of the vehicle. She asked if I wanted to turn around and go back but my fear of being spotted trumped my curiosity..... After seeing it I drew a picture of it which I can email to you as we'll as a map diagram where this took place.

On March 30th the object was spotted again approx. 11-1130pm in Waldorf Maryland on English Oak Court.....This time the object flew overhead near the house off a friend of mine. I was not witness to the second event, but my friend that lives there witnessed the craft with two others. I've known this man since 5th grade and I'm a 31 yo man and he doesn't lull pranks or lie about these types of things.....

I'm writing this to whom it may concern because Waldorf Maryland may currently be a UFO Hotspot...Learning about Space a technology is a hobby of mine and I fully believe in life on other worlds but these craft could be secret military craft just as well as other worldly vehicles. I have very little knowledge of MUFON but you may have more resources than me to be able to catch footage of one of these things..

I would like for my friends, family myself to remain as anonymous as possible but I am willing to respond via email or phone of any inquiries, until then I will try my hardest to get a picture of this object, because it isn't just lights in the sky...

Thank You

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