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Occurred : 3/15/2013 11:45 (Entered as : 03/15/13 11:45)
Reported: 4/16/2013 3:42:02 PM 15:42
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Eureka, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:30 seconds
Humboldt County Coastline, two events, similar craft

Humboldt County Coastline. 2 sightings.

Event Date: Friday March 15, 2O13 Event Time: 1145 PST Event Duration: 30 seconds - 60 seconds Fortuna/Eureka California Single witness Disc/cigar shaped craft single craft I was driving from San Francisco to Kneeland, California the morning of Friday March 15,2013. The skies were uncharacteristically clear. Not a cloud in sight. AT ALL. I was driving north on the US HWY 101 when I looked up to see what looked like a white wingless airplane, flying at what appeared to be EXTRA-ORDINARY speeds directly West, towards the ocean. Abruptly the craft stopped and sped back the direction from which it came, East, towards the mountains. Then as abruptly as it appeared, it just vanished. Into the air. I was 10 miles south of Fortuna California, and I am not sure how high the craft was flying or how far ahead of me it was, as there was nothing to compare it too size wise.

I must add, being a small community that is relatively isolated, we only have three main roads in and out, and our small airport only handles a few flights a day, and they are all United, small airplanes, along with the coast guard crafts. They fly over my property so I am extremely familiar with the type of aircraft that are normally seen in this area. This craft was definitely wingless, tailless, windowless, silent(as far as I could tell) and as white as a cloud. Small United Jets are Dark Grey and Blue, very identifiable, and pretty loud. The coast guards crafts are all very loud, large, and orange/red. I am 100% sure that whatever I saw was not either of them.

The lingering thought/feeling I have is. That sighting had to have been on purpose. One would have to assume that if you are capable of flying a craft over the distances required to reach another life containing planet, you aren't going to accidentally spill your soda on the cloaking device in the control room, and accidentally make yourself visible. It wanted to be seen by someone, for some reason. I can't and won't guess as to why, but if you are chosen to go on an interstellar mission, I imagine that you would be one of the very best and brightest that the civilization had to offer. I know we wouldn't be sending Bubba from the trailer park to another planet as part of a NASA flight crew, so why would they. This had to be intentional.

The real question is why? EVENT 2.

Kneeland California April 7, 2013 1915 hours 15-20 seconds single craft 2 witnesses.

white disc/cigar shaped craft My brother and I were outside on our property watching the sun go down, over the Pacific ocean, and we noticed a jet flying at a high altitude over us. We watched the contrail behind it disappearing, because with the sunset it made it look very unique.

Behind this jet there was another in the distance, flying at approximately the same speed and altitude, also leaving a nice contrail. There was a couple of minutes distance between the two jets, but then their was a bright flash, between the two jets of a third craft, whose direction was intersecting their flight paths. The jets were flying East from somewhere over the ocean and had flown by our airport, so it is unclear where they were going. The other craft shone this bright white flash (then it was obviously white, oblonged disc/cigar shaped) as it intersected(approximately) the path that the jets were going, it was flying north and south.

My brother and I both saw this, but I pointed it out first, then as soon as he saw it, my vision was overcome with spots. I was unable to see anything but these spots for nearly 10 seconds, the best I can describe them would be clear, but all encompassing. Like what it looks like when mosquitoes are dancing on the top of the water. Then I was unable to see the craft anymore. No more than 2 seconds after this happened to me, my brother said "oh man, i lost it. I just see spots." He got hit with the same spots as I and that was the end of the sighting. It happened so fast I wasn't able to say anything to him before he said it to me. He thinks that it was some kind of cloaking, but I prefer not to guess. I have no clue, so guessing doesn't do any good.

I consider myself to be level headed, calm, and rational. I have never had any experiences like this before, although I have always believed in extra-terrestrial life. It is egotistical, in my opinion, to believe that there isn't more advanced civilizations spread throughout the vastness of space, let alone to believe that we here are on Earth are all the life there is anywhere. That is aside from the point. The point is that I don't just believe everything that people say, and if I wouldn't have had two separate sightings, one with my brother, who I trust wholly, I wouldn't have reported the first sighting. Now I am compelled to report them. However, I don't think I will be talking about this to other people at this time.

My eyes will be towards the skies from now on though.