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Occurred : 4/25/2013 21:30 (Entered as : 04/25/2013 21:30)
Reported: 4/25/2013 11:55:42 PM 23:55
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Olalla, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
False Moon

At about 9:30 maybe 9:45 pm PST, to the West. I noticed a round object just below the tree line. I believed it was the setting Moon, but seemed very low, but not to unusual. I was watching television and glanced over a few times, thinking how low the Moon was. I was going to call my wife into the room to see it, she knows more about moon cycles than I do, but she was putting the baby to bed. I left the room for about half an hour and the Moon was gone, normal. Around 10:45 I noticed a light coming from my South window, to see a full moon moving in from the East. The Moon in now in full view in my South window. I have no idea what the object was, but Orange in color, round and not moving. It looked the size of a setting Moon, but hard to tell as the tree tops were in the way. But very low on the horizon, if it were close possible half a mile away or less it would had to be less than 200 feet off the ground. Oddly it feels like a false memory now, really can! ’t explain that. I do recall my dog barked that’s what made me look out the window and window on the door. Sorry I can not give you the accurate size.