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Occurred : 5/2/2013 16:17 (Entered as : 05/02/2013 16:17)
Reported: 5/2/2013 10:45:58 PM 22:45
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: Littleton, CO
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 minutes
Two, bright orb-like objects seen in sky; disappeared but photographed and noted a trail of parallel lines left by objects

I am writing to you because I wanted to share some information and I wasn't exactly sure where or with whom I should share this information. Although it may seem relatively insignificant to many, I experienced what I deemed to be a very unusual sighting in the sky, somewhat near the foothills at about 3:17 p.m. this afternoon.

I will send a photo of the same--the details appear more clearly on my iphone, from which I took the attached photograph. Please allow me to explain what occured so that you may have an opportunity to both preview the photograph as well as understand the nature of the surrounding events because the photograph alone (even from my perspective) appears to be relatively neutral and insignificant. I have attempted to gain a clear picture, with details that I sent from my iphone to my email and when zooming in to view details of the photo, they were very blurry. When I zoom in on my cell phone, the details are crisp and clear, just as I am able to view the actual license plates of the cars that are in the foreground of the picture on my iphone, in the photo off the computer, the details become quite blurry. I would be happy to send my iphone photo somehow to someone else's iphone in order to prove this point. Please let me know because the evidence on the computerized photo is alm! ost impossible to discern.

This afternoon was a fairly clear day and there were only a few, small clouds in the sky. I was driving south on Wadsworth Blvd, just south of Belleview in Littleton. Prior to reaching the light at the interesection of Belleview and Wadsworth(from almost as far south as Cross Drive intersects Wadsworth), I noted that there seemed to be, what I thought was a plane 'hanging' in the sky. It was approximately north by northwest, towards the mountains, at about 11 o'clock (position-wise, from where I was driving in the left hand lane, as I approached and prepared to turn west/left on Belleview). I didn't think alot about it but I did think it was a bit unusual because of the following features: it appeared to have only a very, small, faint trail, different from what I typically see from a large plane; the faint trail was absolutely vertical in nature; it seemed to hang in the sky, without moving; further, it was perfectly round and bright, right to the edges of its shape, as if the sun were either directly casting its light on it or the brightness was emanating from the object itself.

As a result, I kept on looking at it because it didn't seem quite right. I knew that I would be stopping to turn at Belleview and I thought that I would have a better look at it when I stopped. As soon as I stopped in the turn lane and at the very moment that I was looking at it, another bright object, absolutely identical to the first one, suddenly appeared to the right and about (4 o'clock, by location, relative to the first object) and within eyesight of the other(not being able to estimate distance, but easily just a few miles from the first one). At that moment, since I was stopped, I thought I would grab my phone and take a photo of these two, bright objects. The second object had no 'tail' whatsoever, it just seemed to appear out of nowhere and I was a bit flabbergasted at this. I instantly took a photo and the instant that I lowered my camera, the right-most object disappeared entirely and then, while I was looking at the other object, it disappeared right before my ! eyes. I was stunned. There was no trace of the object at all. What was more astounding was the fact that the sky was quite clouds in the immediate vicinity and absolutely no 'trails' of a flying object did I perceive. To my eyes, the sky appeared completely clear.

I turned the corner and pulled into the parking lot to see what had come out on my camera. To my dismay, it looked like an ordinary photo and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to appear. When I magnified my photo, however, I was stunned again, because, there are TWO sets of two parallel lines that appear to trail westward(to the left) of the photo. The one set appears more clearly, but the other set is barely visible (below the traffic lights). This would coincide with the fact that I saw the higher object stay in the sky longer and the lower object disappeared instantly upon me taking the photo. What is clearly shown on the photo are the double lines that streak off to the left.

This is my story. I have no proof or reason to share anything like this other than I am both completely perplexed and even a bit upset about what I saw today. It was as if both the objects that I saw were either descending in a vertical fashion and/or hanging there in the sky(which is what it appeared to be, to my eyes) and then, they both suddenly, one, moments before the other, moved off westward at such an amazing speed that my eyes were unable to visualize their rapid movement in that direction. I actually saw the one disappear in front of my eyes, but I did not visually observe the actual movement that my camera was able to capture. I kept looking back at the sky because I couldn't believe that an object so bright and obvious, could just disappear without any trace. The photo shows two sets of parallel lines streaking off to the left but nothing more. I have attached the initial photo and then, I attached the photo, with circles around the lines that I noted when I enla! rged the photo on my iphone.

I thank you for your consideration and I just felt that I had to record this event as accurately as possible. I know that many unusual events have been recorded over the years by many individuals but this was a first for me and I felt it important to share. I am also very curious to know if anyone else saw anything out of the ordinary at the time. On my actual iphone, I was able to see the license plates of the cars which were in front of me. That's why I say that this photo, when enlarged here on my computer, only gives a fuzzy appearance of things, as well as the previously noted streaks that came out on the original photo.