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Occurred : 5/7/2013 01:40 (Entered as : 05/07/13 1:40)
Reported: 5/7/2013 2:35:25 AM 02:35
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: San Francisco, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 seconds
flashing lights in the sky at night in sf

I was in bed on my phone about to sleep with the lights off after a night of writing a paper. The window shades are wide opened because I like waking up to sunlight. From my peripheral, I notice lights moving across the sky.

I turn to look at it and thought it was just a plane. It was brightly flashing white, blue and red lights so maybe the police. Even that would be a first because I've never seen a police helicopter at night in the area of SF I live in. But then after watching it for literally a second or two the lights just vanish. I wait and nothing. Looked at where it is suppose to be based on how fast it was moving but I didnt see it again. I know how planes would usually have flashing lights too but I have never seen any simply disappear.

It's a fairly cloudy night and I would've seen the intensity of the lights diminish if it went further away or behind clouds. My skin was covered in goosebumps when it was simply gone.

I dont know what I saw but I ! saw it.